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Updated: November 18, 2004

Selected Sites
42Gr532 - A Rock Art E-Zine
Advertising Age
Aquent Magazine (for independent professionals)
Air Force Magazine (US)
All Pets Magazine
American Heritage Magazine
Animation World Magazine
Arts Journal
Better Homes and Gardens
Brain and Mind Magazine (Neuroscience)
Business 2.0
Business Start-Ups Magazine
Business Week
CIO WebBusiness
City Journal
Columbia Journalism Review
Context Magazine (business)
Cosmopolitan Online
The Courtland Review (Audio Poetry Magazine)
Digs Magazine (life-style)
Design Times (home decorating and design)
Discover Magazine
Doubletake Magazine (literary & photographic quarterly)
The Economist
Entertainment Weekly
Entrepreneur Magazine
Entrepreneur Weekly
Eon Magazine (science fiction)
Family Fun Magazine
Feed Magazine
First Monday - Journal on the Internet
Flying Magazine
Forbes (business)
Fortean Times (journal of strange phenomena)
Gadget - Consumer Technology Magazine
Grist Magazine (environmental)
Harvard Science Review
HBO News Fuse
Home Resource Guide Magazine
Humanities Magazine
Inc. Magazine
Insight (weeky news magazine)
Interface (Weizmann friendly science magazine)
Issues in Science & Technology
LangaList Report (computer ezine)
Life Magazine
Mechanical Engineering
Metropolis Magazine
MIT's Technology Review
Nails Magazine (nail art)
National Enquirer
National Geographic Traveler Magazine
National Review
New York Magazine
New Yorker
The New York Observer
Odyssey Magazine (science mag for kids)
OE Magazine (optical engineering)
OMNI Magazine (future / science)
One World (Cultures and Environment)
Online Magazine (for Information Professionals)
People Magazine
Physics Today Online
Pixart (for graphic artists)
Plus Magazine (mathematics)
Popular Mechanics
Popular Science
Prevention Magazine (for women)
Psychology Today
Reader's Digest
Reason Magazine
Redbook (women's magazine)
Rolling Stone Magazine (heavy graphics)
Salon Magazine
Science News Online
Scientific American
Scientific News Online
Sierra Magazine
Soul Eyes Magazine (photo essays)
Star Communications
Strange Magazine (investigating strange phenomena)
Technology Research News
Technology Today
Teva Hadvarim (Hebrew) (Nature)
The Nation
The Scientist - News Journal for Life Scientist
Time Magazine
Translation Journal
Variety (show-biz)
Vogue (UK)
Telecommunications Magazine
The Weekly Standard
Yes Magazine
Zoetrope: All Story (short stories)
Zoo Goer Magazine
Topic Specific Magazine Sites
Computer Magazines (JR Hotsites)
Jewish Magazines (JR Hotsites)
Photography Magazines (JR Hotsites)
Web Development Magazines (JR Hotsites)
Travel Sites & Magazines (JR Hotsites)
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