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Updated: February 9 ,2010

Can We Reach 6 Million Jews on Facebook?
600,000 Jews
Jewish Genealogy
Jewish History, Genealogy and Archaeology
The Jews of Facebook - U Cant Beat US, So Join Us
All the Cool Kids are JEWISH!
Jew Crew
I Love Jewish Geography!
Jewish and damn proud of it
Shidduchim R Us
I'm going to marry a nice Jewish boy.
Jewish Girls are Hot!!!!
I keep Shabbat and I like to party!
I Don't Open My FaceBook On Shabat = Kosher FaceBook
Jewish and born in the 1970s
Kiss Me Im Jewish
Making Jewish Babies
Jewish parenting tips
My Bubbie is Beautiful!
Jewish Apple Users!
Jews Who Love Apple Products and Israel
Keren Krav Maga (martial art)
Jewish Martial Artist
I work for a Jewish Organization!
You know you're Jewish when...
I am a victim of a Jewish mother
I'm Jewish and I love the NHL!!!!
Frum Jokes
Frum Satire facebook club
Shabbas Shloof Appreciation Society
My Bubbie is Beautiful!
I Love My Jewish Portal!
Six Degrees of Jewish Separation
Hey Yiddle Diddle Productions
גם אני חוגג יומולדת בתאריך העברי! (I celebrate my Hebrew birthday)
Who would you like to meet from Jewish History ?
JR Hotsites
Present Tense
Jewish Treats
The Facebook Shtetl
Judaica Collectors

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