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Purim: Saturday night - March 11, 2017

Updated: February 14, 2017

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Selected Purim Sites (5777 - 2017)
The Jewish Trivia Quiz: Purim (70+ Q & A)
Akhlah: The Festival of Purim
Nurit's Purim Spiel
Chabad Lubavitch: Virtual Purim
My Jewish Games: My Jewish Coloring Book: Purim
     Purim Word Search Game
Torah Tots: Fun & Games
Aish HaTorah: Purim Pages
The Ohr Somayach Purim Pages
Article about Queen Esther
NJOP: Purim Guide
OU: Purim
Being Jewish: Purim Gateway
WebShas: Purim
Judaism 101: Purim
Project Genesis: Purim
Jewish Mag: A Jewish Women's Valor
Eliezer Segal: Articles about Purim
Misrash Ben Ish Hai (Sepharadim customs)
Lookstein Center: Purim Resources
Lookstein Center: Purim Webquest
Purim Ideas for the Israeli Elementary School Classroom
Challah Crumbs: Purim Crafts
A Mother in Israel: Easy Purim Costume Ideas


English - Hebrew
Vocabulary Study Sheets

Learn 28 Purim Phrases

Learn Hebrew Phrases with Audio


Learn Hebrew Phrases
Study Sheets

Megilat Esther
Jewish Virtual Library: Book of Esther (English)
Snunit Safrut Kodesh: Megilat Esther (Hebrew with Nikud)
Virtual Cantor: Megilla Reading (Hebrew, mp3)

Purim Songs
National Sound Archives: Purim
Chabad: Purim Songs
Aish: Purim Songs
My Hebrew Songbook - Purim Songs (Hebrew with Nikud)
Chagim: Purim Songs (Hebrew)
Hebrew Songs: Purim Songs and Dances
Purim Midi Music

Hebrew Sites
Machon Chagim: Purim
Israel Ministry of Education - Toranit - Links
Israel Ministry of Education - Toranit - Mekorot
Daat: Purim and Adar Articles
Chabad Israel: Purim
Bar-Ilan Essays on Purim
Bet El Yeshiva: Purim Laws
Moreshet: Articles about on Purim
Kipa: Articles about on Purim
Yeshiva Maalot: Purim
Purim Word Search Game (select Hebrew)
Kaye College of Ed.: Index of Purim Sites / Information

Machanaim: Purim Purim
Evrey: Purim
Purim Word Search Game (select Russian)
Modia: Pourim
AISH: Purim
Lubavitch Argentina - Purim
Chabad Brazil - Purim
Web Judaica - Purim
German Purim

Purim Graphics and Greeting Cards
123 Greetings
Torah Tots Greeting Cards
Gillian's Purim Stationary
Purim Stamps

Purim Clip Art

The Jewish Clipart Database: Purim

Idea: Print Clipart and include with Mishloach Manot

Purim Photo Gallery


Facebook Album

Purim Humor Page

Purim Recipes
Jewish Food List: Purim Recipes
Challah Crumbs: Purim Recipes
Chabad: Purim Recipes
Aish: Purim Recipes

Learn Hebrew Phrases - Purim

Over 300 YouTube Videos about Purim

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Purim Multi-Lingual Word Search

Below are Sample Pages in English, Hebrew, Russian

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The Jewish Trivia Quiz - Purim

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Purim Online Coloring Book

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