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Updated: November 4, 2012

Selected Quality Sites
E-Commerce Times
Advertising Age - Interactive News
Good Documents - How to write for the INTRAnet
How to Build a Successful Website by Chris Beasley
Ypulse - Media for the next Generation (blog)
imedia Connection - Consumer Action News
Search Engines
Search Engine Watch
Search Engine Colossus (list of engines)
Internet Search Engines List (JR Hotsites)
Sample of What People Are Searching For
Google Trends
Real Time - search
Word Tracker (free trial use)
Links and Rankings in Search Engines
Link Popularity
Widexl: Link Popularity
Page Rank Checker
Looking Up / Register Domain Names (JR Hotsites)
Web Creation / Promotion Articles (JR Training)
HTML Programming (JR Hotsites)

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