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Updated: September 26, 2004

Selected Sites
The Illustrated Library
Net.Wars (on-line book)
Underground (free online book, hacking history)
The Extext Archives
The On-Line Books Page
The Atlantic (monthly book magazine)
January Magazine (book magazine)
Bloomsbury Magazine
New York Times Book Section
Overbooked (Reviews)
The Classic Shadow Tales (free, in pdf format)
All Readers (over 2,000 book reviews)
Book Browse (excerpts from books)
Real Books (Chapter 1 of books)
Top Best Sellers
Pulitzer Prize Winners
Lists of Best Books
Book Forum (reviews, interviews, columns)
Books in Depth (links to book reviews)
National Academy Press - Reading Room
Ed's Internet Book Review
New York Review Books
The Readers Vine (exchange reviews)
The Book Hive - Guide to Children's Books
Random House Inc.
American Library Association's Booklist
Digital Library Journal
BOOKNews (latest books in science,technology & medicine)
Book Browser - Reading Lists
Book Zone
Reader's Catalog
Book Lover's Resource Page
VLS: Voice Literary Supplement
The New York Review of Books
Sidney Sheldon
OCLC: Top 100 Books in Libraries
Romance Writers of America
Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University
Book Reporter
BBC: The Bookcase
All About Romanace
Pif Magazine
Beyond Nancy Drew (reading list for young girls)
Delicious Death -The Agatha Christie Works List
Stop, You're Killing Me (mystery and suspense books)
The Reader's Robot - A Reader's Advisory Service
American Authors on the Web
Book Loons (reviews, columns, excerpts)
Central Booking
The Magpie Sings the Great Depression
The Book Crossing
Reader's Cafe
Online Science Books
The Chronicles of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Bill Thompson's Eye on Books
Author Yellow Pages
Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature
Boston Globe–Horn Book Awards (children & young adults)
Relax with a Book (video interviews with authors)
Teen Reads
Identity Crisis: The Many Faces of the Man of Steel
The Reader's Corner
Which Book (book suggestions based on mood)
Mystery Ink - Reviews of Mystery & Suspense Books
FCPS Literary Book Club (kid's book reviews)
Ian Fleming and the World of James Bond
Story South - the best southern literature
Literature for Children
The Atlantic Online - Poetry Pages
Wired for Books (audio recordings)
Read Print (free online books)
Science Fiction
Xenite.Org - Science Fiction and Fantasy
Science Fiction Lovers
Science Fiction Lovers Resource Guide
Science Fiction and Fantasy World
Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database
Technovelgy: Inventions from Science Fiction Books and Movies
Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame
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