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Updated: March 5, 2008

Selected Quality Sites
SOAR - Searchable Online Archive of Recipes (67,000)
Epicurious: Recipes (12,000+)
Jewish - Food/Recipes (JR Hotsites)
Jewish - Kosher (JR Hotsites)
Recipe Center (100,000+)
Recipes at Food Down Under (200,000+)
Astray Recipes (100,000)
Usenet rec.food.cooking FAQ
Arielle's Recipe Archives (Usenet rec.food.cooking)
All Recipes
Salt and Pepper (Best of Usenet Recipes)
The Boston Cooking School Cook Book
Pasta Recipe.com
The Inquisitive Cook
Cookie Recipes
Soup Recipes
Messy Gourmet
1st Traveler's Choice Internet Cookbook
Chef Easy - Weekly Video Cooking Show
Fine Cooking Magazine
Chef Talk
Cooking Light
The Kitchen Link
Chicago Sunday Times - Food Section
food.recipes Archive Index
rec.food.recipes Archive Index (2nd)
Yum Yum Recipes (20,000)
Recipe Land (25,000+)
Strawberry Recipes
The Digital Chef
Cake Recipe.com
Cook Books Online
Cook's Illustrated
The Homesick Gourmet
Reluctant Gourmet (cooking for beginners)
Cook's Thesaurus (substitutes)
In a Pinch Ingredient Substitution
PBS: Julia Child: Lessons with Master Chefs
Indian Recipes
PastryWiz Food Resource Center
My Meals
Cooking by Numbers
Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest
Food Lover's Glossary
UK Creative Kitchen Recipes
Olivetree - Cooking with Olive Oil
Cooking Village
Milioni Magazine - Italian Cooking
Think Kitchen (store for kitchen utensils)
Baking 911
Crockery Kitchen
Recipe Zaar
Helen Jackson's Foodlovers
Kid Chef Recipes
Food Reference
Home Made Baby Food
The African Cookbook
About Produce
The Cook's Wishes
The Joy of Baking
Break Eggs
Adventures in Armenian Cooking
American Recipe Collection (state recipes)
Dr. Gourmet: Eat Well. Eat Healthy.
The Red Kitchen
Three Sisters Cookbook (Oneida Indian Nation)
BBC Food
The Joy of Soup
Low Carb Recipes
Back of the Box Recipes
Wild Plant Recipes
The Food Section
A La Carte
Mexican Cuisine
Cheap Cooking
Spicy Cooking
Garlic Central
Organic Farm Recipes
Pumpkin Nook
French Food and Cook
eHow: Food & Entertaining Center
Leite's Culinaria
Fruit and Veggie Guru
Recipes of Chocolate Delights
Chocolate Cuisine
Exploratorium: Chocolate
Chocolate - The Exhibit
The Chocolate Lovers' Page
Diabetic Gourmet Magazine
Diabetic Recipes
The FatFree Recipe Collection
Good Stuff Online (healthy recipes)
Mayo Clinic's Virtual Cookbook (Healthy Receipes)
American Heart Assoc. Delicious Decisions
Usenet alt.food.fat-free FAQ
The World's Healthiest Foods
The Herbal Encyclopedia
Herbage - Online Herb Database
An Illustrated Herbal (500 medical plants)
HerbMed - electronic herbal database
Herbal Safety
Spice Guide Encyclopedia
Culinary Cafe - Spice & Herb Encyclopedia
UCLA Medicinal Spices Exhibit
Veggies Unite!
The Post Punk Kitchen: Vegetarian Cooking & Baking
HappyCow's Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants
Planet Veggie - Let's Cook
In a Vegetarian Kitchen
Usenet rec.food.veg FAQ
The Vegetarian Resource Group
Wine / Drinks
The Wine Spectator
The Winegrape Glossary
Wine Lovers' Page
A Wine Taster's Glossary
Daniel Rogov's Israeli Wine
Israeli Wineries and Wines
iDrink (drink recipes)
The Vitual Bar (drink recipes)
Daryl's Drink Index
Bar Bug
The Art of Wine Tasting
All About Hangovers
Strat's Place: The Beauty of Wine Labels
Home Wine 101
Professional Friends of Wine
Vintage School Basic Wine Course (free)
History of Kosher Wine
Nat Decants - Wine Newsletter
Entertaining or Educational
Mark Rieger's Fruit Crops Encyclopedia
Cyberpunks: Snacking at Work
Planet Ketchup
The Internet Pizza Server
Ray's List of Weird Foods (100k+)
Food Timeline
Food Museum
The Condiment Packet Museum
Deep Fried Live (Gaming and Cooking)
The History of Eating Utensils
The Stained Apron
The Coffee Science Information Centre
Kitchen Math (conversion calculator)
Plastic Fork Diaries
Popcorn Board
The Science of Cooking
My Life is Beer
Not by Bread Alone: America's Culinary Heritage
Candy Critic
The History of Whisky
National Watermelon Promotion Board
Salt Institute
Peanut Butter Lovers
US Apple Association
The Meatrix
Epicurious Food Dictionary (4,000+ items)
Corks - From Tree to Bottle
The Pasta-log Project
The National Association of Chewing Gum Manufacturers
Weird Foods from around the World
Sushi Images
The Jello Museum
The Story of Florida Orange Juice
Making the most of Tea
All about Almonds
I Need Coffee
The Wacky World of Japanese Icecream
All about Cheese
Winn-Dixie: Setting the Table
California Tomato Commission
Hebrew Sites
Al Hashulchan
Good Food
Medical: Nutrition (JR Hotsites)
Jewish - Food/Recipes (JR Hotsites)
Jewish - Kosher (JR Hotsites)

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