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Updated: September 18, 2005

Collectors Sites
Collector's Universe
Collector's Supermall
Curioscape - Antiquing and Collecting
Eppraisals (Appraisals of items)
Sotheby's Collecting Guides
Yesterday's Office - Antique Office Equipment Collecting
Coin Collecting
Ancient Greek & Roman Coins
Romanian Coins
Handbook of Biblical Numismatics (Jewish Coins)
Related: Israeli Coins (JR Hotsites)
200 Dance Instruction Manuals (1490-1920)
Ballroom Dance Steps
Dance Fundamentals (Uses Quicktime)
How to Dance Properly
Cyber Dance - Ballet on the Net
Uncle Fred's: How to Draw Cartoons
Emmett Scott's: How to Draw Cartoons
Learn How To Draw With Gary Harbo
Basic Art Lessons
Painting Lessons with John Hagan
Wet Canvas: Basic Drawing Lessons
Warner Bros. Online: Learn to Draw
A Brush with Wildlife (create a composition)
Mark Kistler - 3-D Drawing Lessons
Artlex - Art Dictionary
Calligraphy - Getting Started
Elementary Art Lesson Plans
Kid's Draw: Let's Draw
Learn to Draw with Billy Bear
Time Life Gardner Encyclopedia
NeoFlora (largest plant database)
The Plant Tracker
Garden Guides
The Cultivated Gardener
Virtual Garden
Kid's Gardening
Plant Care (over 1,300 house plant species)
McKeown Plant Library
Botany World: Encyclopedia of Plants
Wildflower Database
Gardener's Path
Carnivorous Plants Online
Yard Care (lawn and garden care)
Gardening Only Group
World of Salvias
Every Rose (inc. 2,500 Rose images)
Drip Irrigation Tutorial
Cornell University: Home Gardening
University of Illinois: Our Rose Garden
University of Illinois Extension Hort Corner (Gardening)
Kid's Valley Webgarden
The Perennial Gardener
Exploratorium Science Of Gardening (Flash)
Juggling Information Service
The Internet Juggling Database
J-SIM - Flash Based Juggling Simulator
Learn to Juggle
Knitting / Quilting / Sewing Sites
Free Patterns (free reg., PDF files)
Quilting at About.com
The Knitting Guild of America: Knitting Links
Knitting with Rebecca
The Stitch Guide
Knitty Magazine (knitting patterns)
Free Needlework Patterns
Sandra Lynne's Gallery: Judaic Crafts Room
The Pomegranate Guild of Judaica Needlework
Joseph Wu's Origami Page
CLN Orgami Theme Page
The Israeli Origami Center
Thinkquest: Origami
Origami-USA: Things to Fold
Gander Academy: Orgami Web Resources for Students
Oriland Learning Center: Orgami Galore
Tammy Yee's Orgami Page
Exploring Orgami
Robert J. Lang Origami
Best Photo - Photo Tips
Explore Photography - Tips and Advice
Photography Tips
Photo.Net (photo learning forums)
Short Courses - on Digital Photography
Image Resources Digital Camera Reviews
Digital Photograph Review
Lonestar Digital Photography
Digital Camera Resources
Say Cheese
Taking Great Pictures
How Stuff Works: Digital Camera
Crime Scene and Evidence Photography
Digital Truth: Photo Source
Google: Alt.photography Usenet Group
Photo Sig (critique and discussion forum)
Exposure: A Beginner's Guide to Photography
Antique and Classic Camera Web Site
Panoguide - panoramas and panoramic photography
National Geographic Adventure Photography Tips
Kodak: Digital Imaging Fundamentals
Shutterline Shutterline - digital photography community
Greg's Digital Retouching Portfolio
Trek Earth - Worldwide Photography
Steve's Digicam
Photography Corner - Phorgraphy Forum
Pictures: Photograph Sites (JR Hotsites)
Shopping - Electronics (JR Hotsites)
Photography Magazines
Nature Photographers Online Magazine
Kodak eMagazine
Megapixel (Digital Imaging Web Magazine)
The Digital Journalist
Photo District News
Zone Zero
Epson PhotoCenter Magazine
Photo Resource Magazine
Photojournalistas - Documentary Photojournalism
American Photojournalist
QRZ.COM - Ham Radio Callsign Server
Amatur Radio / HAM Radio
HAM Radio
Israel Amatur Radio Club
Dxing - The Web Resource for Radio Hobbyists
Stamp Collecting
Junior Philantelists
Ask Phil
American Philatelic Society
Linns - Weekly Stamp Newsletter
Birds on Postage Stamps
Postal Museum - Art of the Stamp
Israeli Stamps (JR Hotsites)
Selected Israeli Stamps (JR Stamps)
USA Stamps - New Issues
A Selective History of Science on Stamps
Lessons in Floral Designing
The Hobby Beat
Hand Analysis
Dianna's Home Almanac (crafts)
Suba Diving Explained
Kite Life Magazine
Kitez (index to kite sites)
Estes Rockets
Smarty Pants's 3D Yo-Yo Tricks
All Magic Guide
Candle and Soap Making
Aunt Annie's Craft Page(tm)
Model Railroad-related Resources
The Railroad Paintshop (model railroad)
Tuan's Mountaineering Page
Hot Wheels
Monster Cards of the 1950's and 1960's
Camping Basics
Snowlink: Learning to Ski
Diving Myths and Realities
Snow Fort Zone (building snow projects)
Skate Board Directory
The Guide to Balloons and Ballooning (kid balloons)
Craftster - do it yourself projects
Teach Pottery - Ceramics and Pottery
Yodeling Course

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