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Updated: February 2, 2005

Selected Quality Sites
The Internet Movie Database
Motion Picture Asscociation Movie Ratings
Roger Ebert on Movies
Chicago Reader - Movie Reviews
Cinemachine: Movie Review Search Engine
Movies in Depth - Links to Movie Reviews
Preview Magazine
Coming Attractions
Audience Magazine
Fish Eye (movie reviews, Hebrew)
Rotten Tomatos (movie reviews and previews)
Movie Review Query Engine (find many reviews)
Movie Web - Previews
Juxtaposeur.com - Critiquing the Critics
Movienewz - reviews and news
Metacritic (reviews of movies, music, games)
Reel Views - Current Movie Reviews
Hollywood On-Line
Film Monthly
All-Movie Guide
Boxoffice Online
Movieline News
CHUD: Cinematic Happenings Under Development
IGN Science Fiction Movie Reviews
Mr. Cranky's Movie Rental Guide
Movie Bloopers Online
Movie Bloopers
The Big List of Movie Mistakes
The Nitpickers Site (movie mistakes)
The Worst Movie Mistakes
Slip ups (movie and tv bloopers and mistakes)
Movie Mistakes
Kids-In-Mind (movie ratings)
Screen It: Parental Reviews
Grading the Movies (family movie review)
Movie Cliches
Teach With Movies
Greatest Films
Modern Times: Best Classic Films
AFI'S 100 Years 100 Movies:
America's Greatest Movies
British Film Institute: Top 100
Intel's Mediadome (on-line multimedia)
Silver Screen Siren Website
Golden Globe Awards
Oscar Nominations
Cinemachine: Movie Review Search Engine
American Film Institute
View silent classics over the Internet
Mr Show Biz - The Box Office Leaders
Jon Sandys' BIG List of Movie Mistakes
The Movie Cliches List
Dan's Screen Shot Movie Quiz
The Orange Movie Quiz
Back to the Future
(cool but heavy graphics)
The James Bond Movie Page
The Unofficial M*A*S*H* Home Page
The Wizard of Oz
Library of Congress Exhibition: The Wizard of Oz
Westerns.com - Cowboy Movies
Why A Duck (Marx Brothers site)
Marx Brothers .org
Horror Online
The Force - Daily Dose of Star Wars
Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (James Bond Site)
Clint Eastwood Site
ifilm - Internet film directory (online movies)
Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang
Univer. of IL: Cybercinema - History of Computers in Film
CPB Exhibit: How are Hollywood Films Made?
Movie Trivia Database (Movie.com + Factcity.net)
U.S. National Film Registry Titles
Film Wise - Movie Trivia
An Interactive Guide to Star Wars
Silent Era - Silent Film Website
Library of Congress: Exhibition on Wizard of Oz
Based on the Book (Movies)
The Stinkers - 100 Worst Films
Classic Sci/Fi & Horror Posters
Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics
The Art of James Bond
Futurist Movies
Famous Locations of Movies
Cinemorgue - Actresses in Death Scenes
Musicals 101 - The Cyber Encyclopedia of Musicals
Universal Studios Archives and Collections
Foreign Films
Journal of Religion and Film
Charlie Chan .net
Library of Congress: Bob Hope
CNN: Bob Hope Special
Harrison Ford Finger Gallery
The Ultimate Cary Grant Website
Men's Journal: The 50 Best Guy Movies Of All Time
The Official Site of Humphrey Bogart
The Vincent Price Film Site
Classic Horror Films
Masters of Cinema
The Walt Disney Museum
Reel Classics - Classic Movies
James Bond Movie Theme Songs & Images
Family Style Film Guide - Movie Reviews for Parents-

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