Education - Animals / Insects

Updated: April 27, 2016

Selected Quality Sites
Animal Picture Archive
SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database
Animal Diversity Web
Smithsonian's National Zoo
The Philadelphia Zoo Primate Reserve
Electronic Zoo - Animal Images
PBS: Nature
Switch Zoo (create new animals)
Animal Info - Rare, Threatened and Endangered Mammals
Jon Maloney's Animal Pictures
Tony Northrup's Animal Pictures
Butterflies of North America ARS Photo Library - Animals
Zoom Sharks San Diego Zoo
WhaleNet Bottlenose Dolphins
Bug Guide Entomology Image Gallery (bugs)
New Zealand Birds Nova Online: Crocodiles
The Gorilla Foundation The Owl Pages
Rattlesnake Museum The Electronic Zoo (veterinary info.)
Desert Animals and Wildlife Patuxent Bird ID Center
PBS: The Life of Birds Animal Sounds
Spiders of NW-Europe Snakes of Massachusetts
Penguin World Exploratorium: Frogs
Insects on the Web Hamsterific
American Bald Eagle Australian Museum Fish Site
House Rabbit Society Kaytee Discovery Zone (wild birds)
All About Butterflies Otternet
California Dragonflies Birds on Postage Stamps
Infrared Zoo Big Animals
Crocodilian Official State Birds (USA)
North American Bear Center Cheetah Spot
Amazing Animal Senses Bird Central
Nova: Kingdom of the Seahorse Bear in Mind: The California Grizzly
Spiders and other Anachnids Book of Insects Records
Mammals of Washington Small Insects Images
Assateague Island Wildlife Refuge How Mosquitoes Work
Los Angeles Spider Survey All About Frogs
World Chelonian Trust (Turtles) Ant Web
Cornell Univ. - All about Birds World Wide Wombat Web
Whooping Crane
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