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Updated: October 30, 2009

Selected Quality Sites
Computer Tutorials (JR Hotsites - large selection)
How Stuff Works: Computers
Steve Grossman's Internet/Computer Help/Tips
Primer on CD-R
Video Formats
PC Guide Discussion Forums
What is Wi-Fi
Karbos Guide - illustrated Guide to the PC Hardware
Bob Vila: Getting Connected - Your Home and the Internet
Windows Operating System Task List
Infopackets Windows Newsletter Archive
PC Handyman Tips
Tips and Tricks for Windows XP, 2000, NT
Practically Networked (guide to networks)
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Cyber Seniors Compter Basics
Animations to Assist Learning Computer Science Topics
Grid Cafe
Irving's Computer Tips Page
Tech Support Alert
Computer Gripes
PDA Support
Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
Cult of Mac Blog
Mac Help Desk - Optical Storage News and Reviews
Computer Dictionaries / Abbreviations
Net Lingo: The Internet Language Dictionary
Chat/IRC/ICQ Abbreviations
Chat Symbols / Abbreviations
Babel: A Glossay of Computer Related Abbreviations
Computer Currents High-Tech Dictionary
3-d Dictionary of Computer Terms
TECHtionary - Animated Technical Dictionary
Computer, Telephone and Electronics Glossary
PC Webopaedia (technical dictionary)
TechWeb: TechEncyclopdia
FOLDOC - Computing Dictinary (11,000 terms)
What Is (computer terms dictionary)
Sevloid Internet Glossary
Federal Glossary of Telecommunication Terms
Glossary of Networking Terms
Wired Magazine: Jargon Watch
Tekmom Technology Buzzwords for Students
What is
Network Protocol Dictionary
ACM Queue
Boardwatch Magazine
Byte Magazine
CED Magazine (broadband technology)
Computor Companion
Computer Currents
Computer Gaming World (PC Game Magazine)
Crossroads - ACM Student Magazine (computers)
Digital Producer Magazine (content creation)
Family PC
Internet Now (Hebrew, requires font)
Internet Week
PC Computing
PC Magazine
PC World
Real Computing by John C. Dvorak
Scientific Computing & Automation
Social Computing Magazine
Vision Systems Design
Wired Magazine
Web Development Magazines (JR Hotsites)
Internet Specific
Patrick Crispen's Internet Roadmap
Glossary of Internet Terms
Internet Access: Cable verse DSL (analyzes your Internet Connection)
Privacy on the Internet
Robotics Resources
Netsurfer Robotics
Honda Humanoid Robot P3
NASA Cool Robot of the Week
Robot Resources
RoboScience (Home of RS-01 RoboDog)
Android World - Anthropomorphic Robots
JP Brown's Serious LEGO
Robots at the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
PBS NOVA: Hazardous Duty Robots
NASA Robotics Education Project News
Robot Cafe
Centibots - The 100 Robots Project
Mobile Robotics
Chuck's Robotics Notebook
Hobby Engineering: Robotics Department
The History of Robotics
NASA Robonaut
Artificial Intelligence
Original Eliza program
ALICE Bot (right column: Talk to Alice)
Premise - Demonstrations of Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Topics
2003 and Beyond by Andrew Grygus (Technology Trends)
Forum on Risks to the Public in Computers and Related Systems
MATLAB Help Desk
Technick - Hardware Information
Security Focus
Hacking 101
Internet Stealth Information (about hacking)
Hack of SDMI (music watermark scheme)
SANS Institute Resources - Protecting Networks
Crypto-Gram Newsletter (computer security and cryptography)
Hacker's Hall of Fame (Discovery Online)
Crypto Toolkit
Quantum Computers - White Paper
IBM Research: Autonomic Computing
MIT Spatial Imaging Group
Holographic Storage
World's Fastest Computers (2001)
10-Gigabit Ethernet
Usenix (computer articles)
A+ Aplus Certification Practice Exams
Infoworld: From Battlefield to the Enterprise
RSA Security - Crytobytes Technical Newsletter
Wireless Security
Wi-Fi Networking News
Wireless Training and Tutorials
Tech TV - Turn Yourself Into a Tech Expert
The Worm FAQ
Wireless Web
History of Computing
The History of Computing
The Machine That Changed the World
(history of the computer)
The Computer Musrum History Center
Computer Chronicles: From Stone to Silicon
The DigiBarn Computer Museum
Presentation on the History of Computing
Virtual Mousepad Museum
History of Computing
Binary Dinosaurs (computers from the 70's & 80's)
Computer Almanac
Ghost Sites - The Museum of E-Failure
Internet Archiver (history of many web sites)
History of the Apple Computer
Transistor Museum
Folklore - Macintosh Stories
A Network called Internet
Classic Computer Magazine Archive
Computer Museum of America
Graphic User Interface Gallery
Google Groups: 20 Year Usenet Timeline
1971 Online Book: How the Computer Works
The History of Computing Project
Hobbes' Internet Timeline
Related Links
Computer Tutorials (JR Hotsites - large selection)
Resources: On-line Help / Reference
Resources - Programming (JR Hotsites)
Resources - Web/HTML Programming (JR Hotsites)
Resources - Flash (JR Hotsites)
Resources - Graphic (JR Hotsites)
Computer News Sites (JR Hotsites)
Technology Sites (JR Hotsites)
Software Sites (JR Hotsites)
Computer Shopping Sites (JR Hotsites)

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