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Updated: May 1, 2011

Selected Quality Sites
Energy Information Administration (EIA) Kids Page
California Energy Commission: Energy Quest
DOE: Fossil Energy
Kid's Energy Quest (very good)
Department of Energy (DOE): Fossil Energy
BrainPOP: Energy Flash Animations
Power from the Sun
A Guided Tour on Wind Energy
ASE: Save Energy Lesson Plans (PDF files)
Ergon Energy Education
Super Scientists - A Gallery of Energy Pioneers
Virtual Nuclear Power Plant Tour
Science Museum: Fusion
Fundamentals of Electricity
On-line Renewable Energy Education Module
Alliant Energy's PowerHouse Kids
Technology: Energy (JR Hotsites)
Electricity Online
Edison's Miracle of Light
Guided Tour on Wind Energy
Australia Greenhouse Office: Tidal Power
Walk Through a Hydroelectric Project
NFCRC Energy Tutorial
Energy Cooperation (USA and Israel)
Popular Science: Dreams of the New Power Grid
Clean Cities Vehicle Buyer's Guide For Consumers
Energy Savers: Tips on Saving Energy and Money
Tampa Electric: Electricity Generation Tutorial
Oil History
How Power Grids Work
Wind Power in America
Energy Towers
EIA Energy Ant (for kids and adults)
Wind with Miller (windpower for kids and adults)
IREC Schools Going Solar Links
Save Enery Lesson Plans (PDF downloads)
IAGS - Insitute for the Analysis of Global Security
IAGS: Energy Links
The History of Solar Energy
Clean Edge News Tracker: Solar Energy
Smithsonian Institution: Powering a Generation of Change
Renewable Enery News
US Department of Energy: EERE News
US EIA: Monthly Energy Review (PDF files)
Solar Energy Technologies Program: Solar Electricity (Photovoltaics)
Solarbuzz: Solar Electric Energy Growth
California Solar Center
California Solar Center: History of Photovoltaics
DSIRE: Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy
Solar Today Magazine (article abstracts)
The Solar School (for kids)
RReDC Energy Tidbits
F.O.I.L - Foreign Oil Independence League
PBS: Extreme Oil
Coal Energy
Kyocera Solar: Solar FAQ
Turning to Hydropower
United States Energy Analysis
Earthtoys Alternative Energy News
Energy Ideas Clearing House
Lighting Education Online
Renew US - Make Climate Change History
Peswiki: Solar Energy
Solar Energy in Israel
The Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Initiative
Energy Blogs
theWatt: Energy News and Discussion
The Energy Blog
The Energy Outlook Blog
Clean Break Blog
Peak Oil News
Set America Free Blog
Cleantech Investing in Israel
Solar Energy in Israel
Hybrid Cars (Gasoline-Electric)
Toyota Prius
Honda Insight
Argonne Transportation Technology R&D Center
All About Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs) (rechargable cars)
EDrive - Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Retrofit System Hybrid Cars
EV World (electric vehicle)
Green Cars
United States EPA Green Vehicle Guide
Electric Vehicles UK
R-Car - Hybrid Technologies, Inc.
Selected Energy Articles
Will Israel's Electric Cars Change the World? (4/2011)
Artificial Leaf Could Be More Efficient Than the Real Thing (3/2011)
BrightSource Industries parent gains $1.4b loan guarantees (2/2010)
3GSolar Claims Photovoltaic Breakthrough (2/2010)
Texas to Tel-Aviv (7/2008)
Reaching for the sun (6/2008)
Israeli firms invest in clean tech (6/2008)
Solar without Silicon (4/2008)
For Danish Drivers, Filling Up Will Be a Breeze (3/2008)
Israel Is Set to Promote the Use of Electric Cars (1/2008)
How to Fuel the Country While Saving the World (12/2007)
The New Dawn of Solar (11/2007)
A Foldable Battery (8/2007)
Electricity from cow manure (8/2007)
Solel Solar inks huge solar power deal in California (7/2007)
The Prophet of Garbage (2/2007)
The Heat Is On (Israel and solar energy) (1/2007)
Put A Termite In Your Tank (12/2006)
New World Record Achieved in Solar Cell Technology (12/2006)
Lighting up the $1 trillion power market (11/2006)
Toyota moves to corner the 'plug-in' market (7/2006)
The Peak Oil Crisis - Your First Electric Car (3/2006)
Solar May Get Cheaper (2/2006)
Solar energy lights up a Negev village (2/2006)
What's Raining On Solar's Parade (2/2006)
Olive driven fuel plant (11/2005)
The Next Petroleum (8/2005)
Looking into the Sun (7/2005)
As Solar gets Smaller, its Future gets Brighter (7/2005)
The New Power Generation (5/2005)
Army Lightens Load with Solar Power (5/2005)
Breakthrough Technology Accelerates Solid-State Lighting (5/2005)
New Battery Technology to Postpone Fuel Cell Applications? (4/2005)
Hybrid-Car Tinkerers Scoff at No-Plug-In Rule (4/2005)
Car That Runs on Compressed Air (3/2005)
China's Next Cultural Revolution (3/2005)
Spray-On Solar-Power Cells Are True Breakthrough (1/2005)
Germany shines a beam on the future of energy (12/2004)
Renewable Energy - The Next Opportunity for Silicon Valley (12/2004)
Hacking Your Way Off The Utility Grid (12/2004)
China plugs into electric vehicles (11/2004)
The Future of Alternative Energy (10/2004)
Change in the Chinese Wind (10/2004)
Cowabunga: Manure becomes electricity (8/2004)
New technology could cut cost of solar energy by 150% (8/2003)
Negev to house world's largest solar power station (6/2003)
Selected Energy Saving Products
Freeplay Radios
Freeplay Foundation
Advanced Topics
ABC's of Nuclear Science
Glossary of Nuclear Science
Nuclear Fusion Basics

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