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Updated: January 31, 2005

Selected Sites
20th Century Year by Year
BBC: The Romans
Spartacus Schoolnet: World War II
The History Buff
History for Kids
Ancient Mexico (Flash site)
Hyper History
Reference Guide to the Geneva Conventions
The War Times Journal
Discover the Ottomans
PBS: Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire
Insects, Disease and History
The Battle of Britain
Eyewitness to History
A Day in History
Today in History (events and birthdays)
dMarie Time Capsule (events & birthdays)
dMarie Time Capsule
Ari's Today in History
OU: This Day in Jewish History
Britannica's - Who was born on any day
Bear Boy's Age Gauges

JR Hotsites Sections
American History
Ancient Egypt
Jewish: History
Jewish: Holocaust
World War 1

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