Education - Interactive Lessons

Updated: June 17, 2007

Selected Quality Sites
Easy Type - Online Typing Lessons (req. shockwave)
Typing Master: Typing Test
Explore Math - Multimedia Activities (req. shockwave)
Explore Science - Multimedia Activities (req. shockwave)
Kids Play Music
Virtual Microscopy
Try Science: Discover Extremes at Starfleet Academy (req. Flash)
Science, Optics and You - Interactive Java Tutorials
Megamaths (learning math tables, requires free Shockwave)
A Plus Student - Elementry Math through High School
(Uses Flash, worth the free registration)
Operation Optics (learning game)
Lissajous Lab - a virtual oscilloscope!
Another Lissajous Lab
The Temple of Alife (artifical life simulation)
Plant in Motion (time-lapse plant movies)
Technosphere (3D model world inhabited by artificial lifeforms)
Webclass Educational Games
The Children's Museum - Bones Exhibit - Flash games
Fear of Physics
Color Contrast & Dimension in News Design
Sense Language: English and Hebrew Typing Lessons
Virtual Fish Tank
Snopi (Hebrew, includes online Eng and Heb typing program)
Create a Graph
How to Use the Soroban (Abacus)
Fin Fur and Feather Bureau of Investigation
Willing to Try (req. shockwave)
Mr. Kent's Typing Test
Space Penguin Game (teaches orbital mechanics)
Discover Extremes at Starfleet Academy (need fast Internet)
Simple Machines (Flash)
COSI's Virtual Knee Surgery (Flash)
COSI's Virtual Open Heart Surgery (Flash)
The Reconstructors Solve Medical Mysteries
Skoool (Science and Math - sponsored by Intel)
Virtual Guitar and Chordbook
Power Typing (free typing tutor)

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