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Updated: February 9, 2010

Israeli Businesses / Innovation / Technology
Israel21c - A Focus Beyond
Innovation Israel
Israel Plug
Digital Eve Israel
Israel Hi-Tech
Israel in the 21st century
I.E.V - Israel Electric Vehicle
Bring Solar Power to Israel
New building projects in the Negev
Invest in Solar Energy and Desalinization
- A Winning Combination
Israel Facebook Developers
Israel Flex Developers
Israel Software Developers
Entrepreneur Breakfast Israel
Israeli Business Forum (IBF) of NY
Israeli artists network
Off The Wall Comedy Empire
CIWI Writer's Group
Technion EClub
eClub HUJI
IsraMac (Mac users in Israel)
The Honey
MIT Forum Israel
Computer Technicians of Israel
Refresh07 - an Israeli new-media community
Israel mobile content swamp
Orange Israel
Israeli venture capital funds and private equity funds
Invest in Israel
Minicom Advanced Systems
Sphinn Live Jerusalem
Internet Zahav
MSN Israel
SAP Israel (Former workers of SAP Israel)
SAP - Israel
Business In Israel (in French)
John Bryce Training
Bank Leumi
Israel information security community
The Israeli Diamond Exchange בורסת היהלומים
Diamond Burse Exchange - בורסת היהלומים
עובדי אל על
כל דיילי האוויר של חברת אלעל
חטיבת ביטחון נתב"ג
The Israeli Human Resources community
Public Relations in Israel
Israeli Startups
YOSH - customer club (costumes and fashion)
Israel - Italy Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The Gush Etzion Internetpreneur Forum
Israel Valley (French)
One Vision
קידום אתרים
Job Opportunities in Israel
דרושים - חיפוש עבודה
Support Israeli Vendors
COOL ISRAEL.com The Israel You Never Saw Before
Handmade in Jerusalem
Networking In Israel
PR for the Israeli Business-person
Web 2.0 Flash programmers in Israel
Internet Rimon אינטרנט רימון
Sun Startup Essentials - Israel
Doing Business In Israel
Tachlis Two Point Oh!
Technical Writing in Israel, Technical Writers
Curves Maale Adumim & Talpiot & Pisgat Zeev
The Israeli Gartner ICT & High-tech community
Start-Up Nation (book)
Better Place Israel
Israeli Products
Business Networking Meetings in Israel
Israel Technology Hub

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