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Updated: February 10, 2010

The Israel Network
Dor Chadash
Jeff Seidel's Student Center
Merkaz Hamagshimim Hadassah
SAC Shabbos Awareness Center
The Main Event - Social Networking in Israel
What's there to do in Israel?- For students by students
Anglo Singles in Israel
Israel Anglo Jewish Singles Dating
Israel's Diver's Network
Climbing in Isarel
Camping & Hiking in Israel
Hiking trips all over Israel
Israel Parent 2 Parent
ריקוד בארץ (dancing in Israel)
JAFI Mishlachat of 5768
Friends of JAFI - The Jewish Agency for Israel
Shlichei Hillel 5768
שליחים בבלבלות
ASW Israel Parties!
Skaninaver i Israel
Knewconnections (over 50 from Rishon-Rehovot)
Singles living in Israel ages 40's-50's+
Harvard Club of Israel
Israeli scouts
Brits living in Israel
BA Olim (Bnei Akiva UK members who made aliyah)
Olim/Bogrim BA (Bnei Akiva)
TOC (Turkish Olim Club)
...פייסבוכיפה"- דתיים בפייסבוק
דתיים צעירים בישראל
Ethiopian Jewry Be'ta Yisra'el
Bought in Shelly Levine's project in Modiin
Min HaShamayim - The Israel Shidduch network
Films en fran?ais en Isra?l הקרנות סרטים בצרפתית בארץ
Shidduch Services
קלאב מד אילת (Club Med Coral Beach, Eilat)
Twitter Israel
Single Anglo Jews Living In or Visiting Israel - Dating, Networking
See You on Shabbat

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