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Updated: January 10, 2010

JCorps - Jewish Volunteering (NYC team!)
Tikun Olam
I support the UK's Jewish students against
   prejudice and discrimination
Make sure the Holocaust is still taught in British Schools!
Yad Vashem "Pages of Testimony" - Holocaust Awareness
The Committee To Save Ugandan Jewry
Halachik Organ Donations- I can save a life
World Jewish Relief (UK)
Tikva Children's Home (Ukraine)
Justice for Jews from Arab Countries (JJAC)
In Memory of the Jews Expelled from Arab Countries
Big Green Jewish (UK)
Ortho-Docs - Jewish Frum Orthodox Doctors and issues
Jewish Defense League
Never Again
Khana Chai!!!!
Jews for stopping Darfur
The Achdut Group (Jewish Unity)
(I Love every Jew!!) אני אוהב כל יהודי
Say NO to Campus Anti-Semitism
Shalom Bayit - Peace in the Home
Mitzvah Heroes Fund
Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation
Organization for the Resolution of Agunot
Jewish Activist and Leadership Network
Remove the Islamist propaganda from YouTube
Stop anti-Semitism!
Petition against Anti-Semitism
Against Anti-Semitism
The Tzitzis Fund
TIKVAH Network for Obama
Jews Against Obama
Jews For McCain
Keren Hashana
Holocaust Education Resource Council
Holocaust Stories
United Against Holocaust Denial On Facebook
Jewish Policy Center
Helping Jewish Prisoners (New York)
The Halakhic Prenuptial Agreement for Mutual Respect
The Open Siddur Project
Jewish Blood Donors
The Jewish Internet Defense Force
Jewish Relief Agency
Save the Last 300 Jews in Yemen
Israel Causes (JR Hotsites - Facebook)

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