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Updated: July 29, 2009

Selected Facebook Groups
Selected Example Groups from Thousands
Jewish and Israeli Facebook Groups (JR Hotsites)
Selected Facebook Educational Groups
Alternative Energy
Americans for Alternative Energy
Classroom 2.0 - use of Web 2.0 and
     collaborative technologies in education
English Majors Unite!
"Brush up your Shakespeare..."
2:00 a.m.: A Poetry Group
Edgar Allan Poe
Robert Frost Appreciation
Be Nice, I could be your Lawyer Someday...
ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
International Federation of Medical Students' Association (IFMSA)
Medical Students United
Cancer/Medical Research
medical students - facebook chapter
EMT - Emergency Medical Technicians
Biology Geeks...United We Stand
Institute of Biology
Chemistry is for Cool People
Chemistry students do it on the table .... Periodically
Biomedical Engineers
Ernst & Young Careers
Selected Facebook Computer Groups
Microsoft .NET
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Microsoft Student Group
Computer Programmers Global Resource Center!!!
Computer Programmers
Game Programming
Game Development
Video Game Developers
International Game Developers Association
Apple Students (423,422 members)
For all Oracle DBA's
Visual Basic .NET
PHP Facebook Community Group
PHP & MySQL Developers
Addicted to Photoshop
Photoshop tips and tricks
Graphic Design and Adobe Photoshop
Selected Facebook Music Fan Groups
I Go To Extremes (The Official Billy Joel Fan Club)
Fans of the Piano Man - Billy Joel Fan Club
Beach Boys Fans
Beatles Fans Around the World
The Beatles Are the Greatest Band Ever
Frank Sinatra
Daydream Believers -- Monkees Fans
I Really Love Olivia Newton John
Simon and Garfunkel Junkies
I'm Feelin' Groovy: a group for the homage of
Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel
I have admit it, I listen to movie soundtracks!
Film Soundtracks and Original Scores
Selected Facebook Television Show Fan Groups
A Group About Nothing ( The Official Seinfeld Group)
Everything in life can be related to a Seinfeld episode
A Festivus for the Rest of Us!! (Seinfeld fans)
Fans of Mash 4077
Can't miss Law & Order SVU
I Love Law & Order: SVU
Addicted To Law & Order SVU !
I'm hoplessly addicted to NCIS
The Star Trek Colective
(A.K.A. The Largest Star Trek Group On FaceBook)
Selected Facebook Movie Fan Groups
Animal House
I Love Disney Pixar Films
Pixar Animation Studio (makes the best films)
I'm of legal age but I still watch movies made for 5 year olds
James Bond - 007 - Fans
"Bond, James Bond"
Bond Appreciation Society
Back to the Future
All I Know About the Space-Time Continuum
I Learned From Back to the Future
I Love Chick flicks
My Cousin Vinny
My Cousin Is One of if not, The Best Movie Ever!
If this group Reaches 150,000 members
I will name my son Batman
Americans for a Batman
Batman is better than Superman
I believe in Superman
I love Superman better than Batman
All Things "Star Wars" - Films, Books, Cartoons, Comics, Etc.
Selected Facebook Comics and Cartoon Groups
I Love Snoopy
Charlie Brown and the Peanuts Gang FANS!
anyone who loves Garfield
Archie Comic Lovers Unite!
~*Bugs Bunny lovers*~
Comic Book Fans
Homer J. Simpson fan society
Everything I know I learned from Homer Simpson
Selected Facebook Sports Groups
The Largest Facebook Group of New York Jets Fans.
FinFans: The Miami Dolphins
The Largest Facebook Group of NY Knicks Fans.
Global New York Mets Fan Group
New York Rangers
NBA Finals Bracket-Ball & Trivia Challenge
(sponsored group
Selected Facebook Hobby Groups
The Haven for Origami
Collecting Postage Stamps
Coin Collecting Society
Home Decorating Ideas
Addicted to Knitting.......
Knitting Keeps Me Sane
An honest to god Gardening group
Organic Gardening 101
Facebook Chess Club
Professional sports trading cards are cool
Facebook Pilots
"Hi, I'm ____ & I'm a shopaholic!"
I Love Shopping
Selected Facebook Photography Groups
I Love Photography
Canon Digital Photography
Photography lovers
All Day I Dream About Photography
Amateur Photography Club
Black and White Photography
Selected Facebook Marketing Groups
Search Engine Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
Mixed Bag
Cutest Pets on Facebook
Cutest Dog Contest
It took me years to see the arrow in FedEx.
Unlike 99.99% of the Facebook population,
I was born in the 70s.
Selected Facebook Groups / Websites
about Facebook

Videos from FaceBookEconomy.com
The Facebook Blog
FaceReviews.com - Facebook Application Reviews, Facebook Widgets, Facebook News
Best of Facebook - user ranking
AllFacebook - The Unofficial Facebook Blog
Inside Facebook (blog)
Facebook for Business
Facebook Developers Wiki
Faceosphere - Facebook in the News
Facebook Talk
Facebook Observer

Selected Facebook Applications
Selected Facebook Applications from thousands
(I do use most of these - just examples of what is out there)
My Hebrew Name (I developed this one)
Jewish Wisdom (I developed this one)
Lexulous - Online Scrabble
iLike - Lets you add music to your profile and find your favorite concerts
Movies - Compare your taste in movies with friends
(fluff) Friends - Adopt a cute pet for your Facebook profile
that your friends can pet and feed!
My Aquarium - Start your own virtual aquarium!
Human Pets
Attack (Online RisK)
Fantasy Football - NFL Salary Cap game exclusive to Facebook
Causes - Lets you start and join the causes you care about.
Donations to causes can benefit over a million registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits.
Election '08 - Add a presidential endorsement to your Facebook profile
Fantasy Stock Exchange - Be your own hedge fund manager
with $50 million starting portfolios!
Simple Stock Quotes - Stock prices on your profile
Word A Day - Increasing your vocabulary one day at a time!
The New York Times News Quiz
Learn Spanish - Bringing you a cool Spanish phrase every day of the week
Japanese Word of the Day
StumbleUpon - Share your favorite websites and videos on your profile.
My Heritage - Take pride in your roots and share your heritage with friends
Family Tree - Build your family tree and
include your relatives both on and off Facebook.
What's My Chinese Name?
Send SMS - Free Text Messaging - Allow visitors to send you
SMS text messages from your facebook page at no cost
Dogbook (your dog profile on Facebook)
Catbook (your cat profile on Facebook)
Garfield Comics
Simpsons Quotes
Poetry Shout!

Selected Facebook Business / Fan Pages
JR Hotsites
Ernst and Young Careers
BC Housing Network
Facebook Business Pages Index
Facebook Business Pages - About Page

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