History - USA

Updated: November 24, 2005

Selected Sites
The American Civil War
The History Place - U.S. Civil War 1861-1865
Civil War Battlefields
The War of the Rebellion
PBS: The Time of the Lincolns
Camp Life - Civil War Collections
The Civil War for Kids
The Civil War Cartoons
Civil War Collections from the Smithsonian
PBS: Ulysses S. Grant
Civil War Virtual Tour
Intelligence in the American Civil War
TreasueNet Historical Images: Civil War
US Civil War Center
Gilder Lehrman Insititute of American History
The American Revolution
Pink Monkey: Guide to American History
Who, What, When - Historical Timelines
History Place: JFK Photo History
History Matters: The U.S. Survey on the Web
Our Documents - 100 Milestone Documents from
American History
Animated Atlas - Growth of a Nation (Flash)
Voices from the Underground: Radical Protest and
the Underground Press in the Sixties
PBS: The Kennedys
Voices from the Days of Slavery
The Vietnam Project
Musuem of Westward Expansion
Library of Congress: History of the American West
The Gettysburg National Military Park Virtual Tour
PBS: They Made America
Alexander Hamilton Exhibition
America on the Move (History of US Transportation)
Bound for Glory: America in Color, 1939-1943
Government (JR Hotsites)

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