Updated: December 11, 2012

Selected Quality Sites
The Comic Strip - United Media Cagle - Cartoonists Index (very good)
Go Comics Creators Syndicated Comics (many)
Dry Bones Comic Strip The Dilbert Zone
The Shoe Page Peanuts
Cartoons by Randy Glasbrgen Garfield's Official Web Site
The Official Archie Comics Site Archie Comic Strip
Satire Wire Cartoon Bank
King Features Comics (many) Li'l Abner (Al Capp)
Momma Baldy Editorial Cartoons 1946-1997
The Working Stiff Comic Strip Off the Mark Cartoons
Lambiek Comiclopedia of Artists
David Letterman - Top Ten Lists The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Jim Henson Company (Muppets) Jerry Lewis
The Three Stooges Don Rickles
Smothers Brothers The Tonight Show - Johnny Carson
The Muppets Mathematics on the Simpsons
Jokes and Stories
Dave Barry (Very Good!) Madeleine Begun Kane Humor Column
Work Jokes The Onion (weekly)
Microsoft Lexicon Email Signature Files
rec.humor.funny archive (big,good) Irony Central: The Story About Baby
Jewish Humor
Harry Leichter's Collection Chopped Liver (Jewish cartoons)
The Simpsons Talmud Bang It Out
The Knish Shabot 6000
Same Orbaum - But Seriously (Internet archive)
JR's Jewish Holiday Humor Pages
Political Cartoons Works of Matt Neuman
Adbusters Spoof Ad Gallery Stupid Laws
The Tongue Twister King Computer Stupidities
The Last Page of the Internet Zapato Productions Intradimentional
Tax Form for Laid-off Dot.Com All Things Strange
BuzzWhack (about buzzwords) Hostess Twinkies and Comics
Laughter Remedy (opening - sound) Cat Dictionary
Dumb Warnings Joy Of Tech
Murphy's Laws Humorix
Library of Congress: Bob Hope Kids Jokes Sites (JR Hotsites)
The Cat User's Manual Stop Alien Abductions
Reemco Hamster for President
Tech Tales - funny support stories Computer Songs and Poems
Engrish (Japanese Ad mistakes) Pawsense: Catproof your Computer
The Borowitz Report The Official Rich Little Website
The Long Island Sleuth Jake's Comedy Corner (daily blog)
News of the Weird Dribble Glass (funny pictures)
Crazy Thoughts - Life's Unanswered Questions
Am I Right? (misheard lyrics & song parodies)
Jacob Richman's Humor Pages

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