Israel - Elections 2009

Updated: January 29, 2009
Knesset Site: Elections for the 18th Knesset (Hebrew)
Knesset Site: List of parties and candidates running (Hebrew)
Israel Government Portal: Elections in Israel (English)
Israel Foreign Ministry: Elections 2009 (English)
MFA Site: List of parties and candidates running (English)
Jerusalem Post Election Day Q&A Kids site on elections (Hebrew only)
Lookstein: Educational Election Activities
Israel Elections Compass (analyzes your positions)
Israel Elections Voting Announcement Postcard

Political Party Websites
(partial list from 34 parties running)

The National Union (Echud Leumi)
HaBayit Hayehudi (Hebrew only)
Shas (Hebrew only)
Yisrael Betainu (Hebrew and Russian)
Labor (Hebrew Only)
Kadima (Hebrew Only)
Green Movement - Meimad
The Green Party
Pensioners (Hebrew Only)
The New Meretz (Hebrew Only)
Hadash (Hebrew and Arabic)
Tajamoa (Hebrew and Arabic)
United Arab List-Ta'al (Arabic)

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