Interesting Sites

Updated: April 27, 2007

Selected Quality Sites
32 Keys - A Collection of Ideas About Life
The Story Bin: Stories and Parables for Positive Living
BBS Archives
The Secrets of Lockpicking
Five-O Central (street cop perspectives)
PBS: Nerds 2.01
Virtual Romance: Will She Marry Me?
Half Bakery (ideas for businesses)
Egg Archive (hidden things in software, movies, etc)
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery
The Bermuda Triangle
20th Century Castles - missile bases for sale
Communications Interceptions
DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms
Jane's Internet Defence Glossary
Probert Encyclopaeida: Weapons and Warfare
The Gallery of Obscure Patents (IBM)
Wacky Patent of the Month
Totally Absurd Patents
Above Top Secret (US Goverment Conspiracies)
Secrets of the FBI
US Weapons Systems
PBS: Warship
Computer Gripes
Jerry's gadgets, gizmos, crafts, and curious things
Interesting Ideas
Digital National Security Archive (gov. docs)
Institute for Science and Intl. Security (nuclear weapons)
51 Years of Hidden History: Reports on the CIA
Museum of Unworkable Devices
The Discovery Channel: Hackers' Hall of Fame
Ask Men: PC Magazine - Gadget of the Day
CBS News: Secrets of the Spies

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