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Updated: January 20, 2015

Selected Israel Blogs
Not Necessarily My Views

Jacob Richman's Blog: Good News from Israel
The Dry Bones Blog
This Normal Life - Brian Blum
Israel Best Trips
Ain Eretz Acheret
My Right Word
Bat Aliyah
Shiloh Musings
Adventures in AliyahLand
Venture Capital Cafe
The Sin of Expulsion
Tel-Chai Nation
Israel Commentary
The Jewish Leadership Blog
Yehuda - Gaming and Blogging in the Holy Land
Green Prophet - Forecasts on Israel's Environment
Flowers in Israel
Hebrew Online Blog
Sharona's Week: Life After Aliyah
Let My People Know - talk about it now
Shamrak's Report
Treppenwitz by David Bogner
Israel is the Greatest
The Big Felafel (Hebrew)
Sabra at Heart
My Obiter Dicta
Ben Chorin
Lizrael Update
The Israel Situation
Hakerem: The Israeli Wine Blog
The Grass is Greener on our side
Israel & Israelis in Comix
The Aliyah Connection - The NBN Aliyah Blog
The Aliyah Survival Blog
Caroline Glick
My Shrapnel
My Home in Israel
Life in Israel
Israel Fix
Letters From Abroad: Middle East - Karen Russo
Katamon Journal
Religion and State in Israel
Zabaj: The Junk in Israel's Trunk
Miriam's Words
Oznia, a blog of Israel things
Esser Agaroth
Almost Eden
Facts Dispel Lies
Jerusalem Magazine
How to be Israeli
Zalul Environmental Association of Israel
Natan Sharansky
Emet News
Israeli Kitchen
Reb Mordechai Writes
News Behind News
Israel Stamps
West Bank Mama
A Time of the Signs
A Mother in Israel
Going Home -- Making the Dream Come True
Matt / Moshe is Making Aliya
Israel Seen Blog / Podcast
Aliyah: It's as easy as opening a bank account...
Lauren's Aliyah Something
Life after 9/11 - Come Back Home With Me
Marian Lebor's blog
Rachel Rising: My Aliyah Adventure
Divest This
Love of the Land
The Aliyah Fairy - Practical Information For Aliyah
Shomer Shekalim
Living Perspectives
Aliyah with UJIA
Ill Call Baila
Israeli by Day, American by Night
Ki Yachol Nuchal!
It's all 'afuch!
n: a·li·yah
Coffee and Chemo
Middle East and Terrorism
The Walfish Aliya Blog
I Wish I Were a Photographer
Images of My Thoughts
Frum N' Flipping
Habitza - Date like a Mensch
The Shofar Blog
Alleyways To Torah
Bob Martin - Sderot
Baroness Tapuzina
Radio Free Nachlaot
Jewish Israel
Jewish Israel
Voices Magazine
Aliyah L'Torah
Newsgeek (about technology, in Hebrew)
NBN Employment Blog
Say Kaddish
Making Living in Israel Easier
Israel Muse
Fun Joel's Israel
In Our Small Garden
Israel Inside Out
Jerusalem Small Business Blog
The Jerusalem Scene
Supporting Our Israel
Very Good News from Israel
The Real Jerusalem Streets
Jerusalem Art by Chana Helen
Toronto to Ra'anana
Toladot (Hebrew)
Alan Fitness
Ellen Buckstein - Ergonomics consulting in Israel
Selected Jewish Blogs
Not Necessarily My Views

Kosher Point
Jewish Blogmeister (Jewish music)
Kesher Talk
Orthodox Jewish Single Bloggers
Go West, Young Jew
Renegade Rebbetzin
Dov Bear
Pursuing Tzedek
Sultan Knish
Jew School
Zion Train
American Jew
Rabbi Yonah's Campus Rejewvination
Drew Kaplan's Blog
Velveteen Rabbi
Parsha Blog
The Town Crier
Krazy Blog
The Book of Life (about Jewish Books)
Lost in Bec's World
Yid with Lid
Atlas Shrugs
Ben Chorin
Jlearn 2.0 - Jewish Learning
Torah Portion
A Jewish Blog
Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence Speak Out
Daf Notes (Daf Yomi)
Nourishment for the Neshama
The Seforim Blog
Mitzvahlicious - Bat/Bar Mitzvah Blog
Tech Rav
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
Schmoozed - by the The Lookstein Center for
     Jewish Education in the Diaspora.
Joyous Judaism
Rabbi Sedley
The Jewish Week
Jewish Literary Review
Jewish Comics
The Jewish Internet Defense Force
Tikkun Olam
Healthy Shabbat Recipes
Material Maidel
My Urban Kvetch
Hirhurim Musings
Shalom Rav
Torah Thoughts
Seraphic Press
Muse for Jews
Yeah That's Kosher
Web Yeshiva
Rabbi Rachamim Pauli Drasha
Dixie Yid
Super Raizy
Story Time with Safta Miriam (for children)
Point of No Return (Jewish Refugees)
Teruah - Jewish Music
Not Just Typical
Lionden Landing
Drew Kaplan's Blog
Do it Right
Healthy Jewish Eating
Jew in the City
Keli Ata
The TakeAway @ JTS Library
Jewish Thought of the Day
Jewish Breaking News
The Rebbetzin's Husband
Tzvee's Talmudic Blog
Jewish Clips and Videos
The Jewish Joy of Sex
Shabbat and Holidays Menus and Ideas
Commentary Magazine Blog
SerandEz & Friends
Zchus Avos Yogen Aleinu
Jewish Issues Watchdog
Gourmet Kosher Cooking
70 Faces
The Jewish Side
Kosher Cuisine
This Day in Jewish History
Twebrew School
Geshmack Dvar Torah of the Week
Tracing the Tribe - The Jewish Genealogy Blog
Jews in Baseball
Jewish Clips & Jewish Videos
Parsha Story
Rabbi Jason Miller
Jewish Techs
Avi Glatt - Kosher Food
YU 2.0 - Technology and Jewish Education
License to Kvell
Jewish Healing Consciousness
Blood and Frogs: Jewish Genealogy and More
Hands on the Parsha
Jewish Blog Indices
Jblog Central - Israel Forum's Blog Central
Haveil Havalim - A Carnival of Jewish blogs
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