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Updated: July 6, 2018

Selected Israel Blogs
Not Necessarily My Views

Jacob Richman's Blog: Good News from Israel
The Dry Bones Blog
This Normal Life - Brian Blum
Israel Best Trips
One Mom's Musings
My Right Word
Bat Aliyah
Shiloh Musings
Adventures in AliyahLand
Venture Capital Cafe
The Sin of Expulsion
Tel-Chai Nation
Israel Commentary
The Jewish Leadership Blog
Yehuda - Gaming and Blogging in the Holy Land
Green Prophet - Forecasts on Israel's Environment
Flowers in Israel
Sharona's Week: Life After Aliyah
Let My People Know - talk about it now
Treppenwitz by David Bogner
My Obiter Dicta
Lizrael Update
Caroline Glick
Life in Israel
Miriam's Words
Esser Agaroth
A Mother in Israel
Israel Seen Blog / Podcast
Divest This
Love of the Land
Middle East and Terrorism
Radio Free Nachlaot
Very Good News from Israel
The Real Jerusalem Streets
Art with Jewish Themes by Chana Helen
Alan Fitness
Selected Jewish Blogs
Not Necessarily My Views

Sultan Knish
Rabbi Yonah's Campus Rejewvination
Velveteen Rabbi
The Book of Life (about Jewish Books)
The Geller Report
The Seforim Blog
Lookstein Bulletin Board
Torah Musings
Seraphic Press
Yeah That's Kosher
Rabbi Rachamim Pauli Drasha
Dixie Yid
Point of No Return (Jewish Refugees)
Jew in the City
Tzvee's Talmudic Blog
Jewish Issues Watchdog
This Day in Jewish History

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