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Updated: July 8, 2018

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Abe Books
Anna Olswanger Books
Behrman House
Ben Yehuda Press
Best in Jewish Children's Books
Breaking the Silence...: Reminiscences of a Hidden Child
Publishers & Bookstores in Jewish Studies (Columbia University)
Children of the Holocaust by Helen Epstein
Dan Wyman Books (out of print books)
Lonek's Journey by Dorit Whiteman (about the Holocaust)
eBook Shuk
Feldheim Publishers
Free Inspirational e-books (4) by Rabbi Avraham Tzvi
Fran Manushkin Children's Books
Gefen Publishing House (old books online in PDF format)
Jerusalem Books
Jewish Book Favorites (Children's and Teen's)
Jewish Lights Publishing
Jewish Publication Society
Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy Book List
Kehot Bookstore
L'Mazeltov Jewish Childbirth Education
M. Pomeranz Bookseller
Jewish Celebrations Book Store
Menucha Publishers
MOVING UP: An Aliyah Journal
My Hebrew Books
National Yiddish Book Center
Remark Books (learning Hebrew)
Schwartz Judaica (Out-of-Print Books)
Shlemiel Crooks (Jewish children's book)
Shemaria Judaica
Soncino Press Publications
The InterJudaica Bookstore (Latin American)
The Jewish Publication Society
The Judaica Press
The Unheeded Cry (Holocaust Rescue Efforts)
Torah and Zionism ?
Virtual Judaica (rare book reference)
Urim Publications
Varda Books's Online Store
Virtual Geula
Yiddish - Cat in the Hat (Dr. Seuss)
Online Shabbat Books for Kids

Free Hebrew Books / Texts
Snunit Sefrei Kodesh Online (Hebrew)
Hebrew - 52,020 Classical Hebrew Books for Free Download
Hebrew Visions - Digital texts in Hebrew Braille
Project Ben-Yehuda (free Hebrew books online)
Mechon Mamreh - Tanakh, Talmud and other Jewish Sources
WikiSource Hebrew Books Library
Daat Virtual Library
Tshuvos Seforim (PDF format)

Israel Book Stores
Academon (university and college campus store)
Opus Books
Focus Books
The Jewish Mall (Hebrew books)
Ludwig Mayer Jersualem LTD
Star Stories
Steimatzky Book Stores

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