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Updated: June 24, 2008

Selected Quality Sites
Jewish: Games (JR Hotsites)
Hogwarts (Harry Potter Games)(req. shockwave)
Alpha-Zoo Concentration
Kaboose Games
Etch-a-Sketch Online
Larry's Sounds
Prongo Games (educational, uses Flash)
Sticky Burr's Fantastic Flying Game
Scrambler Puzzle and Jigsaw for Kids
Snowman 4000 Construction Kit (Shockwave)
Surfnet Kids: Online Maze
JigZone - Online Jisgaw Puzzles
Interactive Fun Puzzles
Fun Brain (Interactive Games)
Fun-Attic Game and Activity Guide
Kids Courier
The Fanna Banana Fun Page
Chantessy's Rainbow-Magic - Games
Zeeks Online Games (also fun for adults)
Spike's Game Zone
Idea Box - Early Childhood Activities & Games
Mad Libs
Funology: The Science of Having Fun
On-Line Cross Word Puzzles (kids and adults)
On-Line Word Search Puzzles (kids and adults)
Amazing Mazes (Printable)
Parent's Talk: Online Hangman
Room 108 Hangman
Best Trampolini Game (learning words)
Multiplication Hidden Picture Game (Java)
Multiplication Bingo Game (Java)
DLTK Online Jigsaw Puzzles
Snakes and Ladders
Orisinal Games (Hebrew)
Moon World Educational Flash Games
Noggin (for pre-schoolers)
Learn the Clock Face (for pre-schoolers)
Pauly's Playhouse Game Page
Lite Brite
Early Childhood Links - Games
Games Just for Kindergartners
City Creator
Meowhoo Club: Cat Games
Jigsaw Puzzle of USA Map
Jigsaw Puzzle of New York Statute of Liberty
Hanagroo - Kangaroo Hangman
Typer Shark (typing game)
The Bible Quiz (3,000+ questions)
Learning Games for Kids
Non-computer Games / Activties
Amazing Paper Airplanes
Games Kids Play
Activity Village (printable activities)
Children's Games from Around the World
Street Games of Boys in Brooklyn, N.Y.
String Figures (string fun)
Joseph Palmer's Paper Airplanes
Mom's Minivan: 101 Car Travel Games for Kids
The Giant Gum Bubble Web Page
Street Play
Paper Toys - Paper Cut-Outs
The Toy Maker - Paper Toys
DLTK's Winter Crafts for Kids
Paula's Archives: Pre-School Activities
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