Popular Magazines

Updated: June 21, 2018

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Advertising Age
Aesthetica Magazine
Amateur Photographer
Animation World Magazine
Arts Journal
Better Homes and Gardens
Bloomberg BusinessWeek
British Journal of Photography
Columbia Journalism Review
Consumer Reports
Cosmopolitan Online
The Courtland Review (Audio Poetry Magazine)
Digital Photo Magazine
Discover Magazine (science for the curious)
The Economist
Entertainment Weekly
Entrepreneur Magazine
First Monday - Peer-Reviewed Journal on the Internet
Flying Magazine
Forbes (business)
Gadget - Consumer Technology Magazine
Good Housekeeping
Grist Magazine (environmental)
Harpers Magazine
Harvard Business Review
Humanities Magazine
Inc. Magazine
Issues in Science & Technology
Life Magazine Google Photo Archive
Metropolis Magazine
MIT's Technology Review
National Geographic Magazine
National Review
Nature Conservancy Magazine
Nature Journal
New York Times Magazine
New Yorker
PC World
PDN Online (photography)
People Magazine
Physics Today Online
Plus Magazine (mathematics)
Popular Mechanics
Popular Science
Prevention Magazine (for women)
Psychology Today
Reader's Digest
Redbook (women's magazine)
Road and Track (cars)
Rolling Stone Magazine
Salon Magazine
Science News Online
Scientific American
Shutterbug (photography)
Sierra Magazine
Smithsonian Magazine
The Scientist
The Weekly Standard
Time Magazine
Variety (show-biz)
Vogue (UK)
Weizmann Wonder Wander (science magazine)
Wired Magazine
Zoetrope: All Story (short stories)
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