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Updated: September 20, 2004

Selected Quality Sites
Yoga Basics
Northwestern Mutual Life: Longevity Game
The Calorie Control Council
The New England Centenarian Study
PBS Frontline: Fat
Obesity and Weight Control
Shape Up America!
Go Ask Alice - Fitness & Nutrition
WebMD - Health-E-Tools
Raze (Diet, Hebrew)
DietNet Magazine (Hebrew)
The Hacker's Diet
The Diet & Weight Loss / Fitness Home Page
Burning Calories (how much per activity)
FitnessLink - Stress Busters
Worldguide: Health & Fitness
Go, Girl! - Sports & Fitness for Women
The Internet's Fitness Resource FAQ part 1/3
Body mass index (BMI) Calculator
Height/Weight Charts
PHY: Weight Loss
Body for Life
Body, Mind and Modem (Ki Exercises)
Yoga Journal
Calorie Calculator (includes food list)
Blood Pressure
CDC: Ergonomics
CDC: Extreme Heat
CDC: Choose Your Cover (prevention of skin cancer)
How Dieting Works
Diets Guide
Calories Per Hour

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