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Updated: November 2, 2003

Selected Sites
Blindness Related Sites
Blind Links
Blindness Resource Center
Blind Readers Page
HotBraille - Web-based communication tools for the visually impaired
Deaf Related Sites
The Deaf Resource Library
Deaf Digest
American Sign Lanuguage
Hand Speak
American Sign Language Browser
SignWriting Site
American Sign Language: The Alphabet
Convert Aloud (4.25 Meg, converts any text into spoken words and MP3)
Israel - Mutual Assistance for the
Deaf and Hard of hearing
History through Deaf Eyes
Clerc National Deaf Education Center
Natural Reader - allows users to listen to emails, text selections, etc.
WebABLE - Web Accessability
Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)
USA Section 508 Web - Accessibility
Section 508 Checklist
Nagish - Web Accessibility (Hebrew)
Learning Disabilities Resources
We Magazine
Down Syndrome Magazine
(Info, Chizuk and shared experiences)
Family Village
Disability on the Internet (index)
Access Israel (access for disabled, Hebrew)
Speech Recognition Software for the disabled
Our-kids (children with disabilities)
Northen Lights Special Edition: Autism
National Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Resource Center
PBS: Misunderstood Minds
W3: Voice Browser Working Group
International Center for Disability Resources
The Center for An Accessible Society Disability Issues Information
Ability Hub - Assistive Technology for people with a disability

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