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Updated: February 7, 2005

Selected Sites
PHYS: Nutritional Encyclopedia
Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Fast Food Facts
VCE Food and Nutrition Newsletter
Nutrio: Nutrition 101
The Healthy Refrigerator
American Dietetic Association
The Nutrition Cheat Sheet
AMA Health Insight - Nutrition Basics
5 a Day for Better Health
AMA Health Insight - Food Guide Pyramid
Nutrition.Gov (US Government site)
Ask the Dietitian
American Heart Assoc. Delicious Decisions
USDA: Center for Nutrition Policy Promotion
American Dietetic Association
USDA Food and Nutrition
Information Center
The USDA Nutrient Database
Fruit & Vegetable Encyclopedia (for kids)
Herbal Remedies
Food Storage Charts
The American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition
The Journal of Nutrition
The Blonz Guide to Nutrition
Index of Internet Resources
Arbor Nutrition Guide
Tufts University Nutrition Navigator
PHYS: Nutrition for Normal People
Includes a very good ingredient encyclopedia
Medilife Food Labels
The National Food Safety Database
Healthy Heart Diet
Center for Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders
Academy for Eating Disorders
Cath's Links to Eating Disorders Resources
Nutrition News Focus Newsletter Nutrition Pages
Frequently Asked Questions about Caffeine
Nutritional Glossary
Harvard: The Nutrition Source
Linus Pauling Institute: Vitamins
NutritionData Nutrition Facts Analyzer
The Nutrition Low Down
Harvard Nutrition Source
Cholesterol Low Down
2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans
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