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Updated: February 6, 2006

Selected Quality Sites
PBS: The Whole Child
National Parenting Center
Working Mom's Refuge
Dr. Greene's House Calls - Pediatric Wisdom
Parenthood Web
OJJDP: Parenting Resources for the 21st Century
The "M" Word - Parenting Humor Magazine
The Baby Zone
The Baby Place
Child Birth
CTW - Baby Workshop
Baby Center
Parent Soup
The Mommy Times
The Whole Family
Parents Place
First 9 Months - Multimedia Journey
Family Education Network
Baby Web
The Pregnancy and Parenting Resource
Labor of Love Web site
Dr. Plain Talk
Disney On-line Parenting Magazine
Parent Time
Kids Travel Tips
ABC's of Parenting (site index)
The Daily Parent
You Can Handle Them - Discipline & Behavior
Children Now: Directory of Children's Issues
Talking with Children about Tough Issues
ZapHealth - When you can't ask mom...
ePregnancy: Resource for future parents
Preschool Home Activities
Early Childhood (including activities)
Adolescence Directory On-Line
Learn Free Parenting: Baby Pages
Breast Feeding
Child Birth Solutions
Zero to Three
Father's World
Parent Smart
Shes Got Baby
Embracing Motherhood
The Parent's Page
Shema Yisrael: Frum Parenting Issues
soc.culture.jewish Parenting Archives
Babies Online (post baby pictures)
Dear Parents (advice on learning and technology)
Hoagies' Gifted Child Education Pages
Childproofers Guide to a Safe Baby Home
The Parent Report
Baby World (Hebrew)
Jewish Pregnancy / Childbirth Online
Divorce Magazine - The Reading Room - Children
The Business of Babysitting
Horut (parents bulletin boards, Hebrew)
Land of Cyke (emotional & physical health of children)
Parenting Adolescents
PBS: Inside the Teenage Brain
Parentalk Newsletter (many articles)
Raising Hell : A new genre in parenting
Parenting Humor: School Daze
Dr. Spock
Dr. Paul's Child Health and Wellness
Mommy Tips
Mom Alone
AACAP: Family Facts
Schwab Learning - Helping Kids with Learning Differences
Healthy Child Article Database
NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
Parent Center: Assessing Your Child
PBS Nova: Life's Greatest Miracle
Children Home Alone And Babysitter Age Guidelines
Mothers with Attitude
Language Development - The Early Years
Puberty - Giving "the talk" education kit
Age Appropriate Toys for Children
Pregnancy Forum
Baby Names
My Hebrew Name Naming Your Jewish Baby
Kabalarians: 600,000 Baby Names
Baby Names & Meanings
Zooloo: Baby Names & Meanings (in Hebrew)
Materna: Baby Names (in Hebrew)
Baby Name Network: Hebrew Baby Names
Hebrew Baby Names
Hanefesh: Hebrew Names with Translations
Name Statistics (name popularity)
AISH: Choosing a Hebrew Name
Emohel: Hebrew Naming Guide
Think Baby Names
Behind the Name
Articles about Parents and Kids (JR Articles)
Kids: Health (JR Hotsites)

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