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Updated: September 20, 2004

Veterinary Medical Info for Dogs and Cats
Uncle Matty's Place - All About Dogs
The Cat Site
Pet Education
Cat Fanciers' Association: Caring for Cats
AAHA Healthy Pet Site
Dog Owner's Guide
PBS: Woof
How to Love your Dog (kid's guide)
Practical Pet Care
AVMA: Care for Pets
IVillage: Pet Channel
Google: Usenet Pet Discussion Boards
Cat Fanciers Web Site
A World of Fish
Tropical Freshwater Aquarium
Provet Pet Health Information
Glossary of Veterinary Acronyms
Moogies Cat Guide
Animaland from ASPCA (kids oriented)
Animal Self-Medication
21 Cats
K-9 History - The Dogs of War
Merck Veterinary Manual
Cat Fanciers Glossary
World Society for the Protection of Animals
Cat Chat (forum)
Off the Mark Cat Cartoons
CDC: Healthy Pets Healthy People
Glimmering Goldfish
Website for Cats
Google Groups: Cats Usenet Boards
Google Groups: Dogs Usenet Boards
Animal Protection Institute
Animal Radio (dedicated to dog and cat issues)
PBS Nova: Dogs and More Dogs
IMOM - Helping People Help Pets
The Daily Cat
International Fund for Animal Welfare
Dog Reader
Dog Breed Information Center
All About Puppies
Israel English Sites
Chai Online
The Cat Welfare Society of Israel
Israel Cat Lovers' Society
Israel Society Against Animal Experiments
Anonymous - Animal Rights in Israel
The Israel Veterinary Association
Israel Hebrew Sites
SOS Pets
Pet King
My Pet
Society for Jerusalem Street Cats
Hav Hav (dog site)
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