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Updated: April 1, 2012

Lookup Domain Registration Information
Israel Internet Association: Whois (lookup .il domains)
Network Solutions Whois
Ripe - Lookup Europe and other areas - Lookup USA domains (including .com )
Israel New Domain Registration
ICANN List of Domain Registration Companies
Deleted Domains
Domain name registries around the world
New Domain Name Registries
Domain Name Buyer's Guide
Glossary of Domain Name Registrtaion Terms
Domain Surfer (search part domain names)
AfterNic (Buy and Sell Domain Names)
Great Domains (Buy and Sell Domain Names)
RegSelect - Domain Registrar Comparison
Name Droppers (domain name searches by keyword)
Amnesi - Internet Name Search
Better-Whois (links to active & pending registrars)
Trace Route / Ping
ILAN Looking Glass (Israel University Trace Route)
Sprintlink Looking Glass
RIS Looking Glass
Bell Nexxia Looking Glass (Toronto)
Linx Looking Glass (London)
SUNET Looking Glass (Sweden)
Calweb Trace Route (California)
University of Oregon Trace Route
Trace Route from MIT (Massachusetts) to your computer
Matrix Trace Route (Brazil)
University of Queensland Trace Route (Australia)
Worldwide Trace Route Sites (some out of date)
Multiple Trace Route (trace from various locations)
Other Sites
Country Code List (.il = Israel)
IP Chicken (shows your IP address)
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