Flash Programming

Updated: November 18, 2005

W3 Schools: Flash Tutorial
Flash Central Developer's Group
Virtual-FX Flash Tutorials
Flash Bible
Flash Kit - Sound Effects Library
Flash Kit - Tutorials
The Flash Guide
Action Scripts (includes forum boards)
Virtual-FX - Links to other Flash Sites
Flash Guru
Flash Circle (Tutorials & Forums)
Association Internationale du Film d'Animation - Israel
SWF Tools
Macromedia Online Forums
Cool Flash Examples
Varazdin 2000 (Interactive Map)
Breakout4u (uses sound and music)
BrainPOP: Educational Flash Presentations
Kimble.org (flash movies)
Elbow-Room: The Rebirth of Pool
Flash Arcade
J: Language Match Game, Word Search Game
Vocabulary Hangman
Starting with Aleph
Giant Heads: Learning Russian
Vector Park (cool!)
The Baal Shem Tov (Flash presentation about him)
Flash Face (create picture of face like police artist)
Smashing Ideas
Laid-Off: A No Nothing Production (Flash Cartoon)
Human Sexuality (very good, rated R)
The Lexus Minority Report Experience
Voyager - The Great Adventure Continues
Home and Garden TV: Interactive Library
Blue Print
Dragon for Chris
The Windows Sound Symphony
The Science of Music: Dot Mixer (flash)
Angry Alien Productions - 30-Second Bunnies Theatre
Store Wars (Star Wars educational parody)
Muffin Films
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Kids - Games (Has Many Flash ones, JR Hotsites)
Entertainment: Online Fun (Has Many Flash ones, JR Hotsites)
Resources - Programming (JR Hotsites)
Resources - HTML / Web Programming (JR Hotsites)

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