Graphics Resources

Updated: September 30, 2002

Principles of Graphic Design (Flash Presentation)
Color Picker
VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab
Color Chart for Web Page Development
Hexagonal Hues Color Chart
Browser-Safe Color Charts
Graphic Design Tutorials
Graphics Tutorials
Kodak: Working with Images for the Web
Cool Text - Online Graphics Generator
5000+ GIF Animations
A+B+C Graphics
GIF Animation Instructions
The Internet EYE Magazine (Graphic Design)
Gif Works - Online Gif eTools
Vector Graphics 101
John's Background Page
Absolute Background Textures (3,900+)
Phyllis's Backgrounds
Julianne's Background textures
Web Warriors Backgrounds
Webground Backgrounds (5000+)
Desktop-fx Wallpaper Gallery (very nice!)
Photoshop Links
Photoshop 6 Tutorials
Scream Design: Photoshop Tips
Image Optimization with Photoshop
Grafx-Design: Photoshop Tutorials
Training Tools: Photoshop 6 Tutorial
Photoshop Contest
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