On-Line Help / Reference

Updated: June 23, 2008

Selected Quality Sites
Pitsco's Ask an Expert
Allexperts (ask any question)
Protonic - Free Technical Support
Info Please (encyclopedia + dictionary, very good)
Extsearch - File Extension Seach Engine
Expert Central
5 Star Support
Expert City (pay for expert help)
Elance (outsource your projects)
Review / Index of Free Technical Support Sites
Microsoft Support - Troubleshooters
Ask Maxwell (Microsoft Support - Various Products
Find Articles
MagPortal - Magazine Article Search Engine
dMarie Time Capsule (on this day in history)
Biography Center (10,000+ biographies)
Biography.com (25,000+ biographies)
Who2 (guide to famous people)
Lists Of Lists (TOP x OF...)
Internet Safety Menu - The Police Notebook
My Virtual Reference Desk- 174 Dictionaries
The Digital Marketplace Lexicon
Eureka - Science Reference Desk
Home Work Central
A Web of On-Line Dictionaries (800, 150 languages)
Online Dictionaries, Glossaries and Encyclopedias
The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary (phonemes)
Maps On Us (USA)- Door to Door directions
Manual of Traffic Signs
Encyclopedia of Western Signs
Support Center Knowledge Base
A Glossary of Political Economy Terms
Your client info - what type of software you are now using
The List - Worldwide list of Internet Service Providers
Worldwide List of Free Internet Service Providers
Internet Cafe Guide - Worldwide list of Internet Cafes
Bandwidth Speed Test
The Scientific World Glossary
Worldwide TV / Video Standards Guide
Pesticide Database
Knots Gallery (how to tie various knots)
Language Translation Tool
Units of Measurements and Conversions
How Far Is It?- Distance Service
Online Virtual Calc98
Online Conversions and Constants
Dictionary of Units of Measurements
Dictionary of Units (conversions)
Online Scientific Calculators
Calculators On-Line Center
Online Metric Conversions
Science Made Simple: Metric Conversions
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