HTML / Web Programming

Updated: December 29, 2011

HTML Goodies
Learning HTML for Kids of All Ages
Web Design and HTML Tutorials
Web Page Design for Designers
Lisa Explains it All - HTML Help for Kids
WebReference: HTML with Style (tutorial)
HTML Quick Reference List
W3Schools HTML Tutorial
How a Web Server Works
InfoDesign - Portal for Information Design Resources
Big Nose Bird Webmaster Resources
Patti's Place for Web Developers
HTML Validation Service
JavaScript Kit Web Building tutorials
FreeCode - Free Programming Source Code
Learn ASP
ASP Resource Index
Web Monkey Tutorials
Cookie Central
Absolute Beginners Guide to Joomla!
HTML Writers Guild
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Yale Web Style Guide
The Complete Resource for All Web Builders
Useit - Articles on web design
Training Tools (free downloadable courses)
Building a School Website
O'Reilly Network's ONLamp
Jessett - A guide to website design
Webmaster World (forums) (Open Source Software)
Webmaster Toolkit
Free 2 Code Tutorials
Compact Index of HTML Tags
HTML Help Central
Web Development Journals / Magazines
Dr Dobbs
Web Host Magazine and Buyer's Guide site reviews
A List Apart Magazine (web design)
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CGI Scripts
The CGI Resource Index
Matt's Perl CGI Scripts
CGI Programming 101
Java Script
Page Tutor: JavaScript Tutorial
Java Script Kit
Free Site: Javascripts and Applets
Page Source: Javascript Tutorials
JavaScript Source (Free Scripts and Tutorials)
Timothy's JavaScript Examples
A Beginner's Guide to Javascript
Large Mixed Script Sites
osCommerce - Open Source E-Commerce Solutions (Store)
Mal's E-Commerce (Store)
PHP BB - Open Source Bulletin Board Package
Gossamer Forum - Bulletin Board Package
Development Forums / Bulletin Boards
Dev Shed Forums
Site Point Forums
Webmaster World
PHP Developer's Network Forum
Code Guru Forums
Web Dev Forums
Web Developer Forums
Coding Forums
HTML Forums
WebPro World Forums

Examples of Good Corporate Sites
Intel Coca Cola
Hershey Foods IBM
MetaLife Online Toyota Cars
Interesting Web Site Designs
KMGI (requires Flash)
The Void (requires Flash)
Quiet Time
Cool Home Pages
Museum of Web Art
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