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Updated: May 17, 2006

Computer Training and Tutorial Resources
A Programmer's Heaven
Programmer's Vault - Reference Library
Programming Tutorials
comp.lang.c FAQ
comp.os.msdos.programmer FAQ
Windows 95 FAQ's
Interfacing the PC
TheRef(tm) - Drive and Controller Guide
Object-Orientation FAQ
Computer Programming Guides
MS Access Developer's Network
Windows NT Resource Center (Internet Server Setup)
Oracle 7 Online Manual
BSD Today
Math Tools - Computing Portal for Science & Engineering
Interface Hall of Shame
Data Compression Reference Center
Developer Fusion
Source Code Online (55,000+, $5 a year fee)
The Network Administrator
Andamooka - Open Content/GFDL books
Free TechBooks
ebooks 4 Free
Computer Game Developer's Glossary
Atrevida PC Game Programming Tutorials
Sandpile - technical x86 processor information
Object Oriented Programming in Objective-C
Introduction to Programming Languages (for programmers)
Animations to Assist Learning Computer Science Topics
Python Programming Language
GUIdebook: Graphical User Interface gallery
ASCII Character Map
Linux Sites
Linux World
Linux Magazine
Linux Planet
Linux / Unix Tutorial
Linux Assembly HowTo
Visual Basic Sites
Visual Basic Web Directory
Gary Beene's Visual Basic World
Brent's Visual Basic Web Directory
Visual Basic For Windows FAQ
Visual Basic Freeware For Windows 95
JAVA Sites
The Java Tutorial
JavaFile (free scripts, applets, help, etc..)
Java FAQ Archives
IBM Ultimate Resource for JAVA Developers
A Java GUI Programmer's Primer
Israel Java User Group
Java / Javascript Resources
Jroundup - Resource Site for Java Professionals
Dick Baldwin's Java and JavaScript Programming
Thinking in Java (free downloadable book)
Java Script Sites
See: HTML / Web Programming Resources (JR Hotsites)
Learn CGI Programming with Perl by Example
Javascript and PERL free source code
Free Perl Resources
C++ Sites
Intro to OOP using C++
C++ Archive
Thinkquest: C++ Tutorial
C Programming - Your Resource for C++ Programming
C++ in Action (online book)
C Plus Plus Resources
ASP Programming
ASP Alliance
ASP Tutorials
ASP Resource Index
ASP 101 Discussion Forum
Unix Sites
UNIX Reference Desk
Unix Guru Universe
Glossary of Unix Terms
Introduction to Unix for Web Developers
Related Links
Microtype - FrameMaker/Acrobat Resources
HTML / Web Programming (JR Hostites)
Computer Tutorials (JR Hostites)
Software (JR Hostites)

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