Tutorials About Computers

Updated: June 8, 2005

Tutorialized - 4,410 Free Tutorials
TechTutorials (Free Tutorials for I.T. Professional)
Free-ed (free online courses, tutorials)
Tutorial Find
ORT Information Technology Foundation Course
Kids-Online: What's Inside a Computer
Computer Training 2000: Tutorials on Microsoft Products
TILT - Texas Information Literacy Tutorial
Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows
Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Products
Supporting Windows NT (geared to non-profits)
Supporting UNIX Environments (geared to non-profits)
Scanner Basics 101
Video and Graphics Learning Series
Cornell University: Digital Imaging Tutorial
Kodak: Digital Imaging Fundamentals
Illustrated Guide to PC Hardware
Learn The Net
The Living Internet (explains the Internet)
20 Questions: How the Net Works
Web Teacher Tutorial
Network Magazine Tutorials (advanced, very good)
Firewall Q & A
MS Office 2000 Resource Kit Journal
Windows 95 Annoyances
Windows NT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Domain Name FAQ
PC Lube and Tube (Computer Tutorials)
Front Page in the Classroom
The Beginners Guide to Linux
An Introduction to the Theory of Computation (advanced)
Educational CyberPlayGround (applications and tutorials)
Intelinfo: Computer Tutorials / Courses
Window's Startup Applications
Computer Architecture Tutorial
Power Point
Power Point in the Classroom
Pegasus (email package) File Names and Extensions
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