Computer Virus Info / Urban Legends

Updated: September 26, 2003

Network Associates Virus Information Library
McAfee's Virus Information Library
Northern Light Special Edition: Computer Viruses
U.S. DOE - Computer Incident Advisory Capability
IBM Bookshelf: Understanding Viruses
Aladdin Content Security Resource Center
Symantic Info on Happy99 Worm
Symantic W32.Sircam.Worm@mm Removal Tool
Urban Legends and Fake Virus Hoaxes
Urban Legends Search Engine
Urban Legends Archives
Puportal - The Bunk Stops Here
Urban Legend Combat Kit
Hoax du Jour
CICA Hoaxbusters
Computer Virus Myths home page
Scam Busters (non-virus)
Urban Legends and Folklore (Minig Company)
CDC Health Related Hoaxes and Rumors
Tales of the Wooden Spoon
Museum of Hoaxes
Internet Scambusters
Truth or Fiction
The Spamhaus Project (tracks Internet spammers)

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