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Updated: July 21, 2010

Social Networking in Plain English - YouTube Video
What's So Great About Online Social Networking? - YouTube Video
Social Networks Around the Globe (Graph)
January 2009 Top Social Networks
US Surfers Hooked on Social Networking
January 2008 Social News and Social Bookmarking Statistics
Wired Magazine Article About Facebook
Social Media Marketing Benefits
Social Media still on rise: Comparative global study
Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media
Developing Tactical Knowledge on Social Media Websites
12 Essential Blogwriting Tips for Building a Successful Blog
25 Tips for Marketing Your Blog
How to Get a Professional Corporate Blogging Job
Social Media Marketing Basics
A Comprehensive Guide to StumbleUpon
Starting a Social Media Strategy
Chris Brogan: Five Tools I Use for Listening
Professional Social Media Profiles
The Essential Guide to Social Media
Starting a Facebook group is not a Social Media Strategy
A List of Social Media Marketing Examples
How Social Networking Impacts the Jewish Community
July 2010: For Those Facebook Left Behind (good intro to social media)

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