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Updated: August 8, 2010

Social Networking in Plain English - YouTube Video
Facebook Profile Example - Jacob Richman
Selected Facebook Groups and Applications
Jewish and Israeli Facebook Groups
Facebook Business Pages- About Page
Facebook Business Pages Index
Facebook Business / Fan Page Example - JR Hotsites
Facebook Business / Fan Page Example - CJI (Computer Jobs in Israel
Facebook Business / Fan Page Example - Nutella
Facebook Business / Fan Page Example - Volvo
How To Create the Perfect Facebook Fan Page
How To Develop A Facebook Page That Attracts Millions of Fans
FacePinch - search Facebook and view popular likes
What is Linkedin - YouTube Video
Linkedin Profile Example - Jacob Richman
Linkedin Computer Professionals Support Groups
Other Social Networks
MySpace Profile Example - Jacob Richman
Orkut Profile Example - Jacob Richman
Xing Pofile Example - Jacob Richman
Live Journal
Live Journal Profile Example - Jacob Richman
Hi5 (popular in India and Europe)
Ning - Create your own Social Network
Index of Popular Ning Networks
Ning Example - Alaska20 - A network for educators in Alaska
Ning Example - EduBloggerWorld - Educational Bloggers Worldwide
Second Life Training
Indices of Social Networks
Mashable List of 350 Social Network SItes
Wikispaces List of Social Networks in Education
Wikis in Plain English - YouTube Video
Wikipedia List of Social Networking Websites
MediaWiki - Create Your Own Wiki

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