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TweetDeck - Nice Application to Interact with Twitter - a simple url shortener
Tinyurl - create a tiny URL for posting long URL's
Useful Videos and Articles about Twitter
Twitter in Plain English - Youtube Video
Twitter Search in Plain English - Youtube Video
Training Video - How to Use Twitter
O'Reilly Webcast: Twitter for Business (1 hour video)
Why is Twitter Called a Threat to Google? (45 minute video)
Teacher Training Video - Why Twitter Isnt a Waste of Time
17 Ways You Can Use Twitter
Ten Twitter Mythconceptions
The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Twitter Users
To Tweet or Not to Tweet… What’s the Big Deal?
Wall Street Journal: Twitter Goes Mainstream
Three Brands using Twitter Effectively
The top 7 mistakes new Twitter users make
47 Awesome Twitter Tools You Should be Using
40 of the Best Twitter Brands and the People Behind Them
Twitter Fan Wiki (Twitter related software and resources)
Twitter Fan Wiki - Hashtags
Twitter Handbook for Teachers
Twitter Tips: for Teachers & Educators
60 Inspiring Examples of Twitter in the Classroom
Twitpic - Share Photos on Twitter
Twittermail - E-mail to Twitter
TipJoy - Give ad Get Money on Twitter
TipJoy - Raise money via Twitter: Campaign Tools
50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business
The Ultimate List of Twitter Tools
80 Ways To Use Twitter As A SMB Owner
Diabetes Twitters
Search Twitter
Twitter Search
Advanced Twitter Search
Twitter Search - Jerusalem
Twitter Search - Adumim (for Ma'ale / Maaleh Adumim)
Tweet Scan - Real-Time Twitter Searcher
Tweet Scan - Israel
Tweet Scan - Jerusalem
TwitterLocal (Twitter Local Search)
TwitterLocal: Jerusalem
Twellow - Twitter Yellow Pages
Twellow: Israel
Twellow: Jerusalem
Twellow: Jewish
Tweepz - search, find and discover interesting people
Tweepz - Jerusalem
Tweepz - Adumim (Maale, Ma'ale Adumim)
Twitturly - Real-time Link Tracking on Twitter
Twitturls - popular Twitter links
Twubble - Expand Your Twitter Bubble
TweetBeep (email alerts on keywords)
BackBeep (search for links on Twitter)
BackBeep for
Googel Advanced Search: "Jerusalem" site: ""
Twittervision - a real-time geographic visualization of posts
Twitalyze - Measure Your Impact and Success in Social Media
Twitalyze Search
TweetMeme - Popular Links on Twitter
Twist - See Trends on Twitter
Tweetreach - How Far Did Your Tweet Travel?
Tweetreach - "visit Israel"
Tweetreach - adumim
Tweetreach - learn Hebrew
Twazzup - search Twitter
Twazzup - "visit Israel"
Twazzup - Jerusalem
Twazzup - Adumim (for Ma'ale / Maaleh Adumim)
Twazzup - Learn Hebrew
Twithority - Twitter Search by Authority
Twithority - Israel
Twithority - Jewish
Twitter User Directories
We Follow - A User Powered Twitter Directory
We Follow - Jewish tag
We Follow - Israel tag
Analysts Twitter Directory
Directory of Learning Professionals on Twitter
100+ of the Best Authors on Twitter
Media on Twitter
JTA’s 100 Most Influential Jewish Twitterers
Congressional 140 - US Legislators who use Twitter
US Universities on Twitter
85 Comedians to Follow on Twitter
Twittercounter - Top 100 most followed Twitter users
Twittercounter - Top 100 most followed Jerusalem / Israel Twitter users
Twitter Customer Service - List of Stores on Twitter
Twitter Facebook Groups
Twitter Facebook Application About Page (with "fans" listings)
J-Tweets (Twitter Jerusalem)
Tel Aviv Beer Tweetup
Twitter Israel
The Israeli Twitter Community
Jewish Twitters
Sample Twitters
Financial Times
New York Times Sports
Wall Street Journal
Opinion Journal (Wall Street Journal Editorial Page)
Google News World
CNN Breaking News
BBC Breaking News
Tech Crunch
Leo Laporte (This Week in Tech)
Search Engine Land
The Onion (humor)

Israeli Computer Professionals Support Groups

Jewish and Israeli Twitter Lists

Jewish and Israeli Active Twitters
Ahuvah Berger (Tel Aviv) Online Brand Strategy
Alan Abbey (Jerusalem) Shalom Hartman Institute
Ariella Brown (New York) Founder and Editor of
Avi Abelow (Jerusalem) 12 Tribe Films
Ayelet Noff (Tel Aviv) Blonde 2.0. Lover of social media
Ben Pashkoff (Netanya) Regional Systems Engineer for OEM software at Sun Microsystems.
Benji Lovitt (Jerusalem) Comedian, writer, blogger
Carolw (Israel) Israelisms podcast
Charleyw (Israel) Israelisms podcast, stand-up comedian
Daled Amos (Elizabeth) Blogger
David Corman (Jerusalem) Internet marketer
David Shamah (Jerusalem) Tech correspondent for the Jerusalem Post
Denisk (Israel) French speaking Israeli website and newsletter
Esther Kustanowitz (Los Angeles) Writer, Blogger, Creative Consultant
Eze Vidra (Los Angeles)
Frumsatire (Dallas) Stand-up comedian, writer, blogger, social media dude
Hillel Fuld (Jerusalem - Tel Aviv) Tech blogger
Israel Blechman (Tel Aviv) VP at Blinkit
Jacob Richman (Ma'ale Adumim) Internet Consultant, develops educational websites, gives seminars
Joel Leyden (Israel) International Media and Internet Marketing Consultant
Media Backspin (Jerusalem) Pesach Benson blogs Israel and media issues for HonestReporting
Miriam Schwab (Jerusalem) Friendly CEO of illuminea, social media marketing
Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky (New Jersey) Director of Educational Technology The Frisch School
Rebecca Markowitz (Jerusalem) The Big Felafel
Reuven Werber (Israel) Jewish Education Portal Editor
RivkA (Israel) Coffee and Chemo
Shoshana Yossef (Jerusalem) Jewish and Israeli Media
A Solder's Mother (Israel) Technical Writer, Writer, Blogger
The Muqata (Israel) Wherever I am, my blog turns towards Eretz Yisrael
Yizreels_Garden (USA) Own several website stores - kosher products and other judaica

Jewish and Israeli Twitter News Services / Information Providers
Honest Reporting - Media monitor that works to ensure fair coverage for Israel
Israel Tech News - Latest news about Israeli technology industry
Jewish Tweets - Living Jewishly, one Tweet at a time
JTA News - The Global News Service of the Jewish People
Moked - Israel countrywide traffic reports in Hebrew
NewsIsrael - Israel newsfeed from Jerusalem
Ynet - RSS Hebrew newsfeed
The Jerusalem Post
Emet News
NY Jewish Week
JWeekly - North California
JBN - Jewish Breaking News
Arutz Sheva Israel News Story
Arutz Sheva Briefs
Arutz Sheva Hebrew
Jewish Women's Archve News
Jewish Day School (Seattle)
Jewish World Review
World Jewsh Daily
Jew Tube
WeJew Video Sharing
Yiddish News
Birthright Israel NEXT
The Jewish Agency
Kosher Jerusalem
Canadian Jewish News (CJN)
Kashrut News
Jewish Events
Globes - Israel Financial News (Hebrew)
The Marker (Hebrew)
The Marker Tech (Hebrew)
Haaretz (Hebrew)
Channel Two News (Hebrew)
News 10 (Hebrew)
Ask Moses
Jerusalem Online
Azure Online
Jewish TV Network
Los Angeles Jewish Journal
Jobs in Israel
Manpower Israel (Hebrew)
Hever Israel (Hebrew)
Efrat Chat (using Twitter Mail)
Jewish Daily Forward
Stand with Us
Jewish Book
Kosher Eye
YWN - Yeshiva World News
Torah Study
The Jewish Review
Tel-Aviv Police (Hebrew)
Phoenix Jewish News
Embassy of Israel (USA)
Embassy of Israel (UK)
Israel News Network
Israel Newswire (Chicago based)
Fun in Jerusalem
The Jewish Women's Archive
Klezmershack - tweets about Jewish music around the world
LeadelNET - Jewish media & inspiration
Areyvut - To empower and enrich Jewish youth
Tracing the Tribe - Jewish Genealogy

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