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Updated: May 22, 2007

Selected Quality Sites
Lonely Planet
Travelocity Destination Guide
Rec.Travel Library
1,000 Travel Tips
Fodor's Travel Guides
Virtual Tourist
Internet Travel Guides (Asia)
Smarter Living - Deal Alerts Travel
Last Minute Travel
Visa ATM Locator (cash machines)
Hotel Book
The Hotel Guide
Internet Travel Network
Excite Travel
Hotel & Travel Index Online
Worldwide Hostel Guide
Youth Hostels - International Booking Center
HotelNet - Hotel Discount Dir.
American Express Last Minute Travel
World Travel Guide - AT&T
Art of Travel
How to See the World on $25 a Day or Less
Pictures of Turkey
The China Experience
Tour The Forbidden City: A private trip to China
PBS: Journey into Amazonia
Subway Navigator
Mapquest - Maps of USA streets
KODAK Sample City Digital Images
Magellan Geographix Maps
Library of Congress - Country Studies
Beyond Lands' End (travel log)
Kinkaid in Kenya (Africa)
The Living Africa
The Africa Guide
The Official London Theatre Guide
Operabase - Worldwide Opera Schedules
Time Out - World Travel Guide
Escape Magazie - World Travel
Preview Travel
The Ticked-Off Tourist
The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports
The Compleat Carry-On Traveler
Toronto (Canada) Tourism
The Turkey Traveller
PBS Travel Series: Going Places
The Original Tipping Page
Database of Travel Helpers
The Art of Travel
iExplore (off-the-beaten-path travel)
Introduction to the Himalayas
Fodor's Focus on Photography (travel photography)
Kamat's Potpourri (India)
Everest 2000
Outside Magazine - Destinations
Eurotrotter (Europe travel guide index)
National Geographic: Australia
Marcus Leatherdale: Pictures of India
Nepal: A Veil in Time (req. Flash)
Hipnotika - Africa (req. Flash and high bandwidth)
The Travel Year (Travelogue of 2 people over 1 year)
Picture Australia
The Subway Page (worldwide)
Gypsy Journal (travel logs & tips)
The Savy Traveler (travel logs & tips)
The Artic
Travel Assist Magazine
Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel
One Travel
Biz Travel
Web Travel Review (Pictures and Travel Logs)
Travel Adventures
Vacation Spot (specialty lodging sites)
Rick Steve's Europe Through the Back Door
National Geographic: Discovering Mexico
DK: World Desk Reference
PBS: The Living Edens: Costa Rica
Seaek: Travel / Picture Log Through Southeast Asia
The Savvy Traveler (includes real audio)
Island Magazine
Kidport World Geography
Spain Tourism
2001 Antarctic Expedition
Zip Zap France
Condensed China - Chinese History for Beginners
National Geographic Traveler Magazine
Walk the Great Wall of China
Travelaxe - Search for Best Hotel Price
The Bathroom Diaries
Embassy World (worldwide listing of embassies)
Greece Travel Guide
Igougo (share travel experiences)
Discover Peru (music on intro)
Japan National Tourist Organization
Yin Yu Tang - A Chinese Home
Trip Advisor
The Sydney Opera House Virtual Tour
Japan Travel Guide
Pictures of Places (large site index)
The Maya Ruins (Mexico and Guatemala)
U.S. State Department - The Bureau of Consular Affairs
The Stonehenge Project
The Great Wall (of China) - Virtual Tour
Where's Cherie (travel log)
The British Museum: Ancient India
Wikitravel Travel Guide
USA Today Travel
World Hum: Travel Dispatches from a Shrinking Planet
Vancouver to Moscow by Human Power
The Visual Record
A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization
Full Passport
Zen Gardens (Japan Gardens)
Ancient China
Japanese Kimono and Japanese Clothing
Guide to Sleeping in Airports
Virtual Sweden
WillGoTo - Travel guide and Directory
Subway Maps for the entire world
Israel Tourism (JR Hotsites)
Jewish Travel (JR Hotsites)
Education: Country Information (JR Hotsites)

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