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Updated: July 16, 2006

Selected Quality Sites
New York City Convention and Visitor's Bureau
Paperless Guide to NYC
NYC Tourist
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
New York Subway Route Map
The Third Rail Online (History of the Subway)
Another New York Subway Instruction Page
National Geographic - New York Underground
The Bronx Tourism Council
New York Cabbie
Snap City - Nostalgic Pictures of New York
Photographs of New York by William Gedney
New York City / Amsterdam (pictures)
PBS: Hidden New York
Noiseways Project (sounds and pictures)
New Yorkled
The Empire State Building
Liberty State Park (includes Statue of Liberty)
New York City for Visitors
MTA New York City Subway Map
New York Songlines - Walking Tour of Manhattan
Craig's List (large classified listing including rentals)
Forgotten New York
PBS: America Rebuilds - A Year at Ground Zero
The Sonic Memorial
PBS: New York - The Center of the World
14 to 42: New York City Signs
Celluloid Skyline - New York and the Movies
Undercity - New York City Photography
New York City Photo Gallery
Update New York Roads Site
Big Apple Virtual Tour
New York City Walk
New York Changing (past and present photographs)
Central Park
Brooklyn (I was born and grew up here)
Macher's Panoramic Street Tours (cool!)
Coney Island History Site
History of the Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn On-Line
1010 President Street: A Brooklyn Home Page
Brooklyn's Eighteenth-century Lott House
Brooklyn Expedition
The Brooklyn Daily Eagle Online (1841-1902)
Satan's Laundromat - Brooklyn based Photolog
The Brooklnites (photos)

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