Writing Resources

Updated: April 7, 2010

Selected Quality Sites
WordNet - Lexical Database for English
Hypertext Webster Interface
Roget's Thesaurus
The Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
All Words English Dictionary - With Multi-Lingual Search
OneLook Dictionaries
A Web of On-line Dictionaries
Voycabulary (translate words on web page)
Dictionary of Difficult Words
The Exploding Dictionary
Glossarist - Directory of Glossaries on all Subjects
Start Wright - Words & Dictionaries (large index)
Lexical FreeNet (word relationships)
World Wide Words - Exploring the English Language
Clear Ink SpellWeb (check spelling)
Unofficial Dictionary for Marines
The Literary Encyclopedia and Literary Dictionary
Using English: Glossary of Terms
Lexicool - directory of online translation dictionaries
World Star Dictionaries and Search Engines
Search Language.com
Wordlingo: Free Online Language Translator
Quotes and Word Lists
The Jewish Wisdom Database
Motivational Quotes
Cliche Finder
Phrase Finder
Aphorisms Galore!
The Quotations Page
Quote Land
Rhyming Dictionary
Write Express: Rhyming Dictionary
Oxymoron List
The Book of Cliches
Rhyming Dictionary for Poetry and Songwriting
Banished Words from the Queen's English
Jesse's Word of the Day Archive (sayings / definitions)
Origin of Phrases
Word Counter
Glossary of Insurance Terms
A Glossary of Literary Terms
A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices
Brainy Quote
Word Spy (recently coined words)
Word Oddities and Trivia
Dietz: 2,200+ Glossary Links
Wilton's Word and Phrase Origins
Idiom Site
An Archive of Memorable Quotes by Women
Puns Galore
Rhyme Zone - rhyming dictionary and thesaurus
A Time to Rhyme (for poetry writers)
Luciferous Logolepsy (obscure words)
Acronyms and Abbreviations
ATXTA (Acronyms, Text, Abbreviations, Jargon, Slang)
Probert Encyclopaedia: Abbreviations
Acronym Finder
Acronyms and Abbreviations
Stands4 - Acronyms and Abbreviations
Medical Acronyms
Acronyms for Health Information Resources
Opaui: Acronyms and Abbreviations (large site index)
Wiley InterScience: Scientific Acronyms and Abbreviations
American Slanguages (slang)
The Dialectizer
The Word Detective (slang definitions)
AmeriSpeak: Expressions of American Ancestors
The AmericaǹBritish - British̀American Dictionary
UK Dictionary of Slang
Australian Words and Phrases
The Wicked Good Guide to Boston English
Silicon Valley Slang Page
Slang Site
Probert Encyclopaedia: Slang (inc. off color words)
The Best of British - The American's guide to speaking British...
PBS: Do You Speak American?
Grammar Sites
Dr. Grammar
The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
English Language Reference Page
Guide to Grammar and Writing
English Grammar On-Line
Traditional Grammar - An Interactive Book
Grammar Lady
Grammar and Style Notes (Penn Univ.)
Common Errors in English
Alt-Usage-English Usenet Group Website
Google: Usenet Group - alt.usage.english
Google: Usenet Group - misc.education.language.english
An Elementary English Grammar Book
Guide to Grammar and Writing
CISCO Style Guide
The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr. (1918)
IST Editorial Style Guide
OECD Style Guide - Advice to writers
The Economist Style Guide
Technical Writing Resources
Technical Writing FAQ
Technical Writing: Online Textbook
Suite 101: Technical Writing
Archives of TECHWR-L Mailing List (Technical Writers)
TechPubs: Resources for Technical Writers
Online Technical Writing
TechCom Plus: Articles about Technical Communications
The User Friendly Manuals Website (for tech writers)
Technical Writing Resources
Indoition - Technical Doc. and Software Doc.
Writing for High School and College
Tools for College Writing
The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing
APlus Reserach and Writing for High School and College
Story Writing
Zoetrope: All-Story (a short-story magazine)
What Makes a Good Short Story
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Writing for Children
Aaron Shepard's Kidwriter Page
Publications the Pay for Writings
RoseDog (working to get writers noticed)
Writer's Digest Hot List (publications that pay)
Writer's Write: Paying Markets (publications that pay)
All Freelance: Writer's Resources
Writers Write (inc. paying markets list)
Mom Writers - Online Paying Markets
Newsletters / Magazines
The Internet Writing Journal - Writers Write
Writers Digest
The Editorial Eye (sample articles from the newsletter)
Writing World
Online Journalism Review
Resource Indices
NWU Writers Resources
The Electric Eclectic - Jims Word / Writer's Links (large index)
The Professional Writers' Source
Robin's Nest for Writers and Web Surfers
Author Link Resources
CSU Resources for Writers & Teachers
Univ. of Illinois Writing Techniques Handbook
Tips for Writers
Business Letter Punch (writing a business letter)
Write 101 - All Aspects of Writing
Writing for the Web
Speech Tips
Purdue OWL: General Writing Concerns Handouts
Basic Guide to Essay Writing
Misc. Writing FAQ
Proofreading Symbols and Abbreviations
Statistics Every Writer Should Know
The Writing Process
Writer's Manual
Blog Street
Discover Writing with Barry Lane (music opening)
Creative Writing Prompts
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant
About.com: Business Letter Writing Basics
Common Errors in English
Bull's Eye Business Writing Tips
Writing a Bibliography
Horror Writers Association
AllWords Language Guide
Better Edit Writer's Forum
The Writing Process Website
The Write Weblog
John August Screenwriter Weblog
Public Presentations
University of Kansas - Virtual Presentation Assistant
Lucas: The Art of Public Speaking
World Lingo
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