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Updated: June 19, 2018

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Selected Yiddish Sites
YIVO Institute for Jewish Research
Yiddish Language Course. Learn and Speak Yiddish
The Virtual Shtetl - Yiddish Language and Culture
Refoyl's Yiddish Resources
Yugntruf - Youth for Yidish
Eyiddish - How to Choose your Yiddish Dictionary
Yiddish Language and Culture
Yiddishpiel - Yiddish Theater in Israel
Google Search Engine in Yiddish
A Taste of Yiddish

Yiddish Vocabulary / Word Lists / Phrases
English Words of Yiddish Origin
Glossary of Hebrew and Yiddish Terms
Yiddish Alphabet, Pronunciation and Language
Yiddishkeit - List of Yiddish Words and Expressions
Yiddish Dictionary Online
Yiddish / French
Talking Jewish: Words and Phrases

Yiddish Books / Short Stories / Text
Yiddish Book Center
Haifa Univ. - The World of Yiddish
(including short stories in PDF format with MP3 audio files)
USA Library of Congress - Yiddish Language Playscripts
Soviet-Era Yiddish Authors

Yiddish Songs and Poetry
Zemerl - The Yiddish Song Database (Internet archive site)
The Joel Fishstein Collection of Yiddish Poetry Exhibit
The Poems of Rajzel Zychlinsky z"l

Yiddish Newspapers / Journals / Newsletters
The Yiddish Forward
National Library of Israel: Archives of 65 Yiddish Newspapers
Der Bavebter Yid (Yiddish-language literary journal)
Der Bay - Anglo-Yiddish Newsletter

Yiddish Radio / Audio / Music
The Yiddish Voice - A Yiddish-language radio show
Boston's Yiddish Voice WUNR 1600 AM
The Yiddish Radio Project
The Robert and Molly Freedman Jewish Music Archive
The Rubin Sound Archives - Yiddish Folksongs

Selected Yiddish Videos on Youtube
Watch 21 Yiddish Videos
Press center play button,
sit back, relax and enjoy the videos!

Center arrow to play current video.
Arrow near volume to skip to next video.

Below are the individual Yiddish videos from the above playlist

Sassi Keshet and Dudu Fisher singing medley of Yiddish Songs
A Yiddishe Mame" by Aelita Fitingof
Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" - in Yiddish
GOY - Netta's TOY super-Jewish cover in Yiddish!
Yiddish Fiddler on the Roof
18 Yiddish Folk Songs
Yiddish Song - Belz, Mayn Shtetele Belz
1935 Yidl mitn fidl Yid with his violin, Yiddish
The Paper Brigade: Tour of the YIVO Exhibit with Dr. David Fishman
Brewing Tea the Yiddish Way
Primor Orange Juice (commercial in Yiddish)
Bagel Bagel (commercial in Yiddish)
Samsung Galaxy S8 Kosher Phone (commercial in Yiddish)
Yiddish Medley - Rama Mesinger, Yael Bar Zohar,
Michal Yanay and Chany Nachmias
Uzi Hitman sings the Yiddish song "When the Reabbi sings"
in Moscow 1991
Lea Koenig elle belle in Yiddish
Moti and Doreen Giladi singing Comic / Musical songs
Chad Gadya in Yiddish - Zemiros Group
Beatles A Hard Days Night in Yiddish
Lullaby in Yiddish
"California Dreamin'" - Yiddish Parody (Kalifornyer Kholem)
The Flintstones - in Yiddish!

Yiddish Facebook Pages / Groups
The Yiddish Language
Yung Yidish Tel Aviv
The Yiddish Book Center
Paris Yiddish
The New Facebook Shtetl

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