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Updated: August 10, 2018

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It won't be news until the Jews fight back.
"Palestinian History"
Trump and Netanyahu Lag Ba'Omer Bonfire (of Iran Agreement)
NRA Initiative - Arming School Staff
Parshat Yitro and President Trump
Trump in Jerusalem
The Muezzin Bill
It's the Iranian Navy, Sir
Unlock iPhone
Dry Bones: Jordan is Palestine
Obama UN Job Application
They will never blow out our light!
Seal of a King of Israel from 2,700 years ago
Made by Israel, Made by Islam
Bad and Badder
Iran's New Mosque
Obama's Negotiating Skills
Could be Destructive
Commander Obama
Davos Photo Bomb
Photo by Real Jstreets
Fortune Teller
Two States
illegal Huts
Obama: ISIL Is Not Islamic!
ISIS Surprised
The New Hamas Dictionary
Built Excellent Schools
UNRWA School
We're Behind Israel
Rockets found in UNRWA Schools
We Should Sue
How Dare You Defend Yourself
Gaza - Changing Times
Free Tee Shirts
Back to Back to Back
Angry Birds (and fast)
Emergency Reserve Callup 8 (In Hebrew
"tzav" means callup and also turtle)
No Big Deal
Media Reporting
A Passover Disappointment!
The Kerry Agreement
Housing Quiz
3 Letter Word
Another Gaza Terror Tunnel
USS Barack Obama
Stop Disturbing Your Neighbors
The Biggest Problem
Real Apartheid
Building Homes
Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia...
Health Tip - Free Exams
NSA Interested in...
Arab Spring Redefined
Do Not Cross
Work While We Talk
Dancin' by the Nile
Obama, Bashar al-Assad and Syria
Iron Dome and Angry Birds
"Kipa" Barzel (Iron Dome)
Source of Pillar of Cloud
Israel's Iron Dome
Mideast word for "Cease Fire"
How do you say "Ceasefire" in Arabic?
Hide the Rocket
Hamas Fighting Tactic
Middle-East Reporting
Gaza Hospital Directory
Hamas Wall of Defense
Four Little Questions about the War
Europe and Gaza
Civilian Population
Civilian Areas
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Arab Spring - Arab Winter
Benghazi and the Media
Benghazi and the Media (#2)
Coalition Mission
The UN, Assad and Syria
Blood Ba'ath
Russia and Syria
Clinton and Iran Deadline
The UN and Assad
Obama and Iraq
The Three Stooges
History of the World - Best Friends
Islamist Turkey
UN and Assad
Bibi to Obama on Borders
Obama Mideast Plan
Saudi Arabia - Elephant in the Room
Failed to Connect the Dots
Wanted: Osama Bin Laden
The Devil We Know
The Middle East ELection Motel
Mahmoud Abbas at the UN
Israel Borders
Europe and Gaza
Obama Special Gift to Israel
Moses 2
The Curse of the Mummy
Coach Obama and Egypt
Muslim Brotherhood
Judge by Actions
Baracky Road Ice Cream
Israel's Enemies against Netanyahu
Helen Thomas
Helen Thomas and Ahmadinejad
Helen Thomas's Summer Reading
Helen Thomas's Memoir
Helen Thomas - The Jews Can Go Back
Gaza Terrorism Flotilla
UN Sanctions on Iran
Jimmy Carter, President Obama and Israel
It's Simple - The Twenty Four State Solution
Bibi Meets Obama
Anti Racism Summit
U.N. Conference on Racism
Civilian Purposes
Our Nuclear Program
Spreading Iranian Influence
Iran and the Bomb
Suicide of the West
Middle East Arms Issue
Jimmy Carter's "Help"
Hamas using Civilians
Why? Because of Years of Attacks
Human Shields
Two Front Attack
How Dare They Attack
Hamas and Civilians in Gaza
Try The New Hamas Dictionary
Kadima Hebrew Bumper Stickers
Middle East Reporting
The Madness Continues
Hamas Kindergarten
Palestinian Unity Government
Hamas verse PLO
Pope's Speech
Reaction to the Pope's Speech
5 Years of Silence
Terrorists Verse Civil Liberties
Hamas - Aggressor
Will Not Negotiate
Writing on the Wall
The Mideast in a Nutshell
Lone Gunman in Seattle
Hezbollah Piranha
Islamic Victimhood
Special of the Day
Who Invited the Israelis
In Case of Ceasefire
David and Goliath
Pass the Falafel
Hezbollah Houseguests
Hezbollah in Lebanese Homes
Hezbollah Missile Defense
Port Security
Port Security
Port Security
Port Security
Port Security and United Arab Emirates
Port Security
Department of Homeland Security
Homeland Security and a Gift
Port Security
The Plus Side of New Port Security
Osama Smiling
Arabs Buy...
Iran Nuke
Danish Cartoonists
Editorial Cartoons
Political Cartoonist
Homeland Security and Osama
Iraqi Mosque Bombing
Osama and the Cartoons
Danish Cartoons verse Bombing
Cartoons verse Bombings
Iran and Cartoons
An Outrage!
Their (Islamic) Cartoons
Reading Cartoons
Palestinian Voter
Democracy Boomerang
Palestinian Governance Before and After
Hamas in the Government
Bush and Hamas
Over My Dead Body
Hamas wins Palestinian elections
Hamas and the USA
Palestinian Footsie
Naked Aggression (Iran)
Iran and the Holocaust
Iran and the Holocaust
How the Dodo Became Extinct...
Iran and the Holocaust
Iran and the Holocaust and the UN
Iran and Nuclear Arms
Iran, Israel, Maps
Egypt and Gaza Rafah Crossing
Gaza and the Palestinians
London Bus Bombings
Terrorism Pays
In Arafat's Footsteps
The New Father
I Pledge to Work for Peace
Clamp Down on Militant Gunman
Arafat's Death
Arafat's Death
Arafat's Death
Arafat's Death
Arafat's Death
Arafat's Death
Arafat's Death
Arafat's Death
Arafat's Death
Arafat's Death
Bomber, UN and the Wall
Europe and the Wall
Our Jobs
If this was your neighbor....
Security Breach
Blood Libel Studios
The Passion of the Cash In
Suicide Warning
UN and Hamas
Hamas Day Care
Turning Boys into Human Bombs
Unusual Parenting
Kids Used by Terrorists
Gaza General Hospital
Welcoming Yassin in Hell
The Gates to Hell
Conflicting Views
Next ?
Birth of a Suicide Bomber
The Winner of Spain's Election
How to Spot Terrorists
The Fence
The Suez Canal 2
The Difference
Coming Soon Gulf Wars
Official Iraq Voting Form
Sadam and the UN
Sadam and the UN (pic #2)
Arab Nations Protect Iraq
Saudi Arabia and 9-11
Destabilize the Region
Europe and Sadam
Homeland Security
New Snack - Pic #1 (sad but true)
New Snack - Pic #2
New Snack - Pic #3
New Snack - Pic #4
Proud Mother
Arafat: His Last Days on Earth
Arafat: Detain all Suspected Terrorist
Which one is the Forgery ?
Arafat's Magic Carpet
Europe and Anti-Semitism
France and Le Pen
Europe and Anti-Semitism
Arc de Triumph
Europe and Racism
France and Anti-Semitism
Arafat and Anti-Semitism
Kids and Parents
Another Mother for Pieces
Powell and the Negotiations
Muslim World Leaders
Saudi Arabia and Suicide Bombers
Mutual of Baghdad
Not Helpful
Last Chance
Phone Call to the Troops
Arafat's Trip to Beirut
Palestinian Authority Jail
Saudi and Iraq Attack
US Attack on Iraq
Regular Customers
Noble Peace Prize
Arafat Weight and Future
Question to Colin Powell
Saudi "Peace" Plan
Saudi Peace Plan
Palestinians Celebrate
Middle Eastern Trojan Horse
Peace with the Arabs
Arafat's Peace Process
What Weapons?
U.N. Racism Conference
U.N. Racism Conference
U.N. Racism Conference
U.N. Racism Conference
Arab Moderates
Rudy to Saudi $10,000,000
Know Your Allies...The Saudi
Arafat Begins Fighting Terror
Can Osama Come Out and Play?
Arafat Cease-Fire
Bin Laden Life Insurance
Keep the Celebrations Down
Afghanistan Weather Outlook
Getting Bin-Laden
Middle East Shootings
Oleg: The Golden Calf
Oleg: Coalition Against Terror
Oleg: We Are Shocked
Pelephone & the Terrorist (Hebrew)
Barak & Arafat - Another 48 Hours
Official Florida Presidential Ballot
Voting for Dummies Book
Another Florida Presidential Ballot
Barak Replacement
Barak - "Memshala Shel Kooolam"
Bush and Cheney
The Clintons Leaving the Whitehouse
Political Gmara (Hebrew)

Sources for some of the cartoons above
Mideast Truth
Cox and Forkum
Dry Bones Blog

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