Ma'aleh Adumim - Maps

Google aerial map of Ma'aleh Adumim (with zoom in/out feature)
Google map instructions: when map appears:
click, hold click and drag map to move around the map,
double click left mouse button to zoom in,
double click right mouse button to zoom out
If you moved on the map to a new location you want to bookmark,
click first on "link to this page" above and to the right of the map,
you can now bookmark the page with the website new address.

Ma'ale Adumim Rav Kav Charging Points Map

Ma'ale Adumim Bus Map

English country area Map

Hebrew country area map

Hebrew detailed country area map

Map of Mishor Adumim - Industrial Area

Maps of Mevaseret Adumim area (E1)

Map to Bowling Alley in Mishor Adumim

Mini-Map of Ma'aleh Adumim

Map Symbol Key

Area 1 - Mitzpeh Nevo

Area 2 - Klei Shir

Area 3 - Ha'Metzadim

Area 4 - Ha'Nechalim & Ha'Shofar & Matnas & Central Park

Area 5 - Avnei Ha'Choshen & Kikar Yahalom & Canion

Area 6 - Megadim & Canion & Massuah & Tsemach Ha'Sadeh

Area 7 - Massuah & Tsemach Ha'Sadeh

Specific Location Maps

Terem Emergency Medical Center

Musar Avicha Shul

Kfar Adumim Area Map

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