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Updated: February 3, 2010

Yad Sarah

Chair: Rebbetzin Nechama Katz
Tel: 590-0716

The group works to provide the needs of individuals dealing with functional difficulties. The group operates a lending service of medical devices and other items for the homebound.
The Council of Women

Chair: Mrs. Gabi Bar Zachai
Member City Council and Deputy Mayor.
Tel: 541-8915

The organization deals with activities related to the status of women, empowerment of women and girls. They are involved with educational programs in the school system with regard to gender equality, girls making changes, military preparation, and women involvement in the community.
Golden Age - 'Gil HaZahav'

Chair: Mrs. Anat Haberman
Tel: 050-829-6451

The organization arranges activities for seniors, including joint activities with schools. It operates a seniors club, taking into account the wide diversity in our town.
'Amitim' (Colleagues)

Chair: Mrs. Shiri Zaltz
Tel: 052-444-5856

The organization locates supports and integrates into society emotionally distraught individuals and those suffering from an emotional breakdown.
Fire Department and Rescue

Chair: Mr. Mumi Lubiner
Tel: 057-772-9515

The organization saves people and property from fires and dangerous substances, car accidents and terror attacks. The organization also deals with training and guiding people throughout the year.
Sasson Morad Free Loan Society

Chair: Amram Aharon Tel: 050-585-3769
Yaakov Aharon Tel: 050-688-9977

The organization collects food, furniture, and electrical appliances for the town's needy.
'Tzachi' - Help for Needy Families

Chair: Mr. Oren Levi
Tel: 050-620-9920

In cooperation with the Ministry of Social welfare, the organization raises money and provides assistance for needy families.
"Friend to the Child", ''Yedid LaYeled'

Chair: Mrs. Sarah Kaminsky
Tel: 052-380-8520

In cooperation with the Ministry of Social Welfare the organization operates an after school social club. The organization also helps fund the educational needs of needy children, including arranging Bar Mitzvahs.
Community Television

Chair: Mr. Herzel Raveh
Tel: 052-240-9477

The organization operates the community television station which emphasizes local interests.
The Union for the Soldier, HaAguda LeMaan HaChayal

Chair: Mrs. Mati Bar Shalom
Tel: 052-347-9907

The organization arranges special activities year round for the soldiers, adopts soldiers and raises money for their benefit.
Radio Maaleh Adumim

Chair: Mrs. Perla Bublick
Tel: 590-3106

Operates the local radio station. Provides opportunities for those wishing to learn about radio and communication.
'Shil' - Advice for the Citizen

Chair: Mrs. Anat Haberman
Tel: 050-829-6451

The organization provides information regarding the responsibilities and rights of the citizens refers people to the correct government agency to resolve problems and provides the citizen with information as to available government services.
The Civil Guard

Tel: 535-8493
The Civil Guard helps the police in all aspects of its operation. Civil Guard volunteers have the rights and privileges of police officers.
Keren Klita

Chair: Mrs. Honey Katz
Tel: 535-4617

For many years this organization has been helping new immigrants in Maaleh Adumim in all aspects of their absorption, from their initial arrival, through the bureaucracy, as well as providing all their needs.

Rabbi Shemlah
Tel: 535-4960

The organization serves as a bridge for every Jew to the world of Torah in an easy going and respectful manner. The organization runs a full line of services of assistance and kindness to the general public.

Chair: Mrs. Eti Bracha
Tel: 050-624-0207

This organization provides services for families with many children including help with homework and arranging discounts.
MDA - Magen David Adom

Chair: Mr. Eli Smadar
Tel: 050-444-818

The organization provides first aid to injured and sick people, evacuates the sick to hospitals and trains teams to train the general population in first aid and CPR.
Heritage House, Beit Moreshet

Chair: Rabbi Eli Kaplan
Tel: 052-830-8084

In cooperation with the department for social welfare the organization is involved with volunteer activities on behalf of needy families, educational activities and deepening of Jewish values.
The Time Bank

Chair: Mrs. Luba
Tel: 054-640-6364

This organization operates the "Time Bank" project which involves exchanging services between residents of the town. Although the members are not volunteers the operating team does work on a voluntary basis.

Chair: Gaila Cohen Morrison
Tel: 535-6532

Promotes English Literacy in Israel, by running classes for Hebrew and English speaking students in the Ma'aleh Adumim area. Helps build libraries. Encourages reading and writing through their yearly Readathon and creative writing contest. Runs tutorial reading programs in the school system.
Volunteer English tutors in Elementary School
Tzemach Hasade Mamad

Chair: Mara Moshe
Tel: 535-3120 (not shabbat)

Volunteers come to our school twice weekly to work with individual pupils or small groups who need help improving their English reading skills. These volunteers are greatly appreciated by both teachers and pupils.

Clothing Gmach

Run by Family Deri
101 Pri Megadim (in 03)

For Tzadakah purposes

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