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Updated: November 24, 2011

"Al Ta'am VeRayach Ein Ma Levakeiach"

"You can not argue about taste and smell"

All places were Kosher the last time I visited them.
At least a certificate from the Rabbinate is my test (some people may want more).
Also certain restaurant chains are only kosher in specific cities.
If a waiter or waitress had a bad day, do not give up on the place.

eLuna - Discounts to Kosher Restaurants

Cafe Rimon 2 Cafes (open 24 Hours) Dairy & Meat 4 Luntz (off Ben Yehuda) 02-624-3746
Falafel Maoz Falafel Meat 19 King George (off Ben Yehuda) 02-625-7706
Garden Cafe Restaurant Dairy 74 Beit Lehem Road 02-672-0825
Grill Plus Takeout (Very good for Shabbat) Meat 42 Palmach 02-563-8106
Luigi Italian Dairy 12 Yoel Salomon 02-623-2524
Mataam Hafetz Haim Takeout (inc. corn beef & pickles) Meat 8 Agrippas (near King George) 02-623-2839
Pompidou Bistro and Bar Dairy 27 Emek Refaim 02-625-1111
Shipudei Hagefen Middle East Meat 74 Agrippas 02-624-4888
Sima Steak Takeout (open very late) Meat 82 Agrippas 02-??
"Steakit Tzion Hakatan" Inexpensive Grill Meat Yad Harutzim 23 02-671-9939
"Steakiyat Tzidkeyahoo" Inexpensive Grill Meat Yad Harutzim 21 02-648-1111
Ticho House Coffee Shop Dairy 9 Harav Kook 02-624-4186
Village Green Restaurant Vegetarian 33 Jaffa Street (corner Rivlin) 02-625-3065

Ma'Aleh Adumim
Mifgash Nevo Pizza Dairy Mizpeh Nevo 02-535-3698
Burger Bar Hamburgers Meat Kikar Yahalom ?

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