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Updated: November 4, 2013

Tel Aviv Museum - Aryeh Lubin, Sionah Tagger, Israel Paldi
Moshe Kisling, Chana Orlof, Chaim Soutine
Haim Gliksberg, Leopold Krakauer, Mordechai Levanon
Abel Pann, Aharon Kahana
The Scribe by Boris Schatz
Zefat by Menachem Shemi
Old Jerusalem by Jacob Steinhardt
Efraim Mose Lilien - By the River of Babylon
Efraim Mose Lilien - Abraham
Efraim Mose Lilien - Return to Zion
Chagal Windows - Reuven and Shimeon    FDC
Chagal Windows - Judah and Levi    FDC
Chagal Windows - Asher and Naftali    FDC
Chagal Windows - Gad and Dan    FDC
Chagal Windows - Issaschar and Zevulun    FDC
Chagal Windows - Benjamin and Joseph    FDC
Ancient Musical Instruments
Israeli Art - Moshe Castel, Arie Aroch, Moshe Kupferman

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